earl winfield in hall of fame


Congratulations to Dan Ferrone, Brian Fryer, Miles Gorrell, Earl Winfield, John Ireland and Don Loney, who will all be a part of the 2013 Canadian Football Hall of Fame Induction Class!

READ: http://ow.ly/hW6Oi

Hooray for Earl! (and Miles)

Now, Ozzy moves up to top spot on the list of "Ticats who deserve to be in the HOF"

About friggin' time they voted Winfield in.

Congrats to both Earl and Miles.

Winfield is the best Ticat of all time, IMO. What a player. When I was a kid, he absolutely lit it up for Hamilton.

He was electrifying for sure. And certainly overdue for entry into the HOF. But to me, and I think to many who have been fans long enough to remember, the greatest Ticat of all time is Garney Henley.


If I have a football-related bucket list, that bit of news was pretty much at the top. Earl deserves this and I hope that the wait can be justfied in the taste being sweeter. It was a joy to watch him play!

Congrats to the other members of the 2013 class. Even to Jake Ireland. I. Just. Wrote. That. LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Saw this on TSN Sportscentre this morning. Nice!

"Even to Jake Ireland", nice one oski!


Congratulations to Earl!

One of my all-time favourite players!

Definite congratulations of the highest degree to Earl and to Myles as well. Both were truly class acts as Ticats! A return to the days they brought to Hamilton would be great to see this year!

“I played with Miles, I played against Dan, and there was always Jake on the sideline throwing flags because he said I pushed off. Which I didn’t.?

Of course he never pushed off. That would be unseemly wouldn't it. :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Praise Be His Name!!!!!!!!!!!