Ear Don Matthews singing!!!!!

This post could very well be in the Als section, but I figured out, since Don Matthews is everyone's favorite CFL persona, that this message should be addressed to every CFL fan.

Here goes:

The Montreal Alouettes invite you to the launch of Whimzical’s CD
Don Matthews
and the hit song

CD launch will take place Monday, June 27 at 5 p.m., at the Cabaret of the Casino de Montréal. The performance will take place at 5:30 p.m.

You can ear Don Matthews sing right now by click on the Alouettes logo at the top right corner of this page and listen to the intro (don't skip it).

I think that this, once again, proves that the Als are by far the sassiest and most mojo filled team of this league.

Ah! Take that everybody else![/b]

I like the Als moxy even though they are Ottawa's natural rivals. GO ALS GO! GO ROUGH, er, RENEGADES GO ! I hope they rekindle the old 70's rivalry this year.

WHAT TIME IS IT.....song title ; derived from the question Gilligan asked the 'DON',,after the 'hit' by Cox in last Thurs. game. :lol:

Thank you papazoola!

Finally someone with any kind of spirit!

Where are all the Don Matthews bashers??
Where are all those gayPRIDERS with their pride and their parade?
Where are those pesky Edmonton fans hungry for some Als blood?

Wait... I know what it is... that song actually sounds pretty good. And not only is Don Matthews a damn fine coach and a guy who has the guts to tell it like it is to the media, but on top of that, he's actually shaking it and bringing the house down!

The only other coach that can compete with that is if Pinball Clemons does some sort of rap video. He he, that would be great. A duo would be even better. Pinball and Don badass rappers! Can see it from here...