Ealey honored as college football’s top winning QB

Never realized this. Nice stuff there Mr. Ealey!

"“What he did was a great accomplishment. South Bend, open your doors and let Chuck Ealey in the hall of fame,? Carpenter said."

[url=http://www.irontontribune.com/articles/2006/07/15/sports/sports976.txt]http://www.irontontribune.com/articles/ ... rts976.txt[/url]

Chuck's college career sure was amazing, wasn't it Earl?

He leads his team to victory for 3 straight years in college,
then, walks into the CFL and leads the Ticats to the Grey Cup.

Test question:

That Grey Cup game was in 1972.

Who won the game?

HAMILTON :thup: 13 to 10 over SASK.

On IAN SUNTER'S game winning F.G. :thup:

Wasn't in Hamilton at the time nor went to the game, peeves me off now thinking about this, I was in high school, grade 11 I think, in London, Ont.
Crap, it would have been awesome!

As i've stated before, the CFL was far ahead of the nfl regarding racial issues in those days. I'm guessing it's because race issues really were'nt issues in Canada, like they were (and still are) in the good ol usa.