Eakin will be successful if he starts next week

Here’s why:

Montreal game 1: 297 net yards
Montreal game 2: 292 net yards
Montreal game 3: 412 net yards

Calgary game 1: 277 net yards
Calgary game 2: 303 net yards

It doesn’t really look as obvious as I thought it would, but every time we play a team over again, we seem to improve on offence in the second (or third) games. It seems to me that teams can beat us by running the same schemes over and over again on defense, and we fail to make the proper adjustments in-game.

Then, I would think that the coaching staff sits down and watches the game film to see what went wrong, and finds out that some simple changes and preparation in the week of practice will fix a lot of the problems that the team had the week before.

Now, I know I could just be blowing off steam here and be completely on the wrong track. It’s entiely possible, I’m not a coach…but if the pattern continues, then I feel that the coaches will see that Eakin had absolutely no time in the pocket not because the O-line was just being flat out beat, but because they were always overloading one side of the line blitzes or lineman stunts.

If the coaching staff can devise a better scheme for dealing with defensive pressure (like they did in the final Montreal game), then I guarantee that you’ll see a vast improvement in our offense, and that includes Kevin Eakin’s statistics. It’s pretty hard to throw an accurate pass when you’re fired up/nervous/have a defensive lineman basically eating you.

I hope I’m right…especially since this is my first post that’s been longer than a paragraph, and I wouldn’t want to waste it.

Well, Kevin could hardly be a whole lot worse, so you're right in that aspect...

But you hit a lot closer to where the metal meets the meat where you state there must be a better game plan, and so the pressure shall be on the coaching this week, this week, at least.

I should point out that I personally think that Maas would be even more successful, but I'd rather see him get healthy then rush back and make his hip worse.

You are no doubt correct, and therein lies a heck of a decision for the Team to be making this week.

Bingo! And let's hope that if he get's the chance he makes the most of it! :thup:

Maas will need to be dragged off the field, theres no way he doesnt play given Eakins "Performance" last week.

i agree, eakin is alot better than he performed last week

True, but with Maas having a chance to study the winnipeg Defense from the sidelines while Eakins played, he'll have a great game against them. (so long as he's healthy enough to play)

Hey give the guy some space, I really don't care who the QB is when you have a NO off. line in front of you , first you don't have the time to ensure the route is run corrctly , and yes maybe he shouldn't through the ball but when the def. line is in your back pocket and you will be going down you have to take the chance and that was all the line gave him . I have never seen an off. line as ineffective as ours . Winnipeg who open at least 2 holes per run from the backfield and we couldn't even open an off tackle .Sorry we will not do anything untill the line starts to work , it is a fine dance and they haven't even tried yet.

WINNAPEG DEF lines up eveyone is within 9 or 10 yards of the ball.They know that we don't throw long and they are free to rush different player every play.
Hamilton def lines up with some of the players at least 16 or 18 yards off the ball.You sure as hell can run aginst that or throw to the middle. While we are in no position to rush anyone at them.
we had a running stile QB that could have worn the def line down in the heat but we leave him in to pocket faceing the rush?
The team and the QB will do better when the coaching gets better and not before.

He looked good with a headset helping our starter. Kevin is a lot better than what he showed last week, but with the leadership Jason shows on the field, momentum can snowball. We were ready to play, and win we did.

Oski Wee Wee,