Eakin To Attend Ticat Training Camp in 2007?

On his CHtv sportscast tonight at 11:20 p.m., Ken Welch reported that, although Kevin Eakin has asked for and received his release from the Ticats so that he can play in NFL Europe this winter, both Eakin and the Ticats have apparently left open the possibility of his return for Ticat training camp in 2007.

This new article (see below) this morning (Tuesday) further explains the decision to start Eakin the last few games and ends a lot of the speculation....it seems GM Desjardins is working with Kevin by further encouraging his development and cultivating a good working relationship with him. This is a refreshing change in my opinion as I've always said that this franchise has, for decades, not done much in the way of QB development. Whether Kevin actually does return remains to be seen, but at least we are showing positive interaction now and assuming our role in helping young QB's along. And with another NFL Europe season under his belt and a new HC and OC here in Hamilton whose offense may suit Kevin's strengths, who knows what can happen?...at the very least, I'll enjoy watching NFL Europe this year and it now makes the football off-season much shorter for me.... :smiley:

Here's the part of the article I find encouraging:

[i]The Cats cut Eakin to permit him to play NFL Europe next spring. But the Cats expect the second-year CFL veteran to return afterwards to their 2007 training camp, which will begin in May at McMaster.

"He approached us a month ago to find out if we would entertain the thought of releasing him at the end of the season in order for him to go play in NFL Europe again.

"That's what we decided to do. It only makes him better. Hopefully when he comes back to camp next year he has taken another step forward in his development," Tabbie GM Marcel Desjardins said.[/i]

And here is the whole Spectator article:

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Well it seems I have to re think my "don't let the door hit you on the butt" remark. Which now even makes me think that CHML needs to either freshen up it's football or the Tiger Cats to make a break and find someone who will put some effort into their jobs.
It seems Kevin wants to come back and this whole thing has taken a more positive note. I think it would be great for Kevin to get some playing time and come back.
Which now leads me to my thoughts on CHML but I think I will reserve that until a see a thread more suitable. Or maybe just make it myself, because some real changes have to be made for next year on radio coverage.

This is great news.

It would be a shame to waste the 2 years
we spent grooming him in our Canadian game.

Hopefully, Kevin will get a lot of game reps or start in NFL Europe
and be in rythym when he hits the field in Training Camp

so he can perform like he did when he arrived here last year.


I hope this makes Jason Maas worry about
Kevin pushing him for the # 1 QB spot,

then, maybe he will get his family
to join him here for next season.

Thanks mikey for this information, excellent really. :thup:

I'm delighted to hear this. I like Kevin's attitude, and his potential. I hope he gets some good experience in Europe, comes back to Hamilton and challenges for the top job here.

So where are all the Kevin BASHERS now ??

What a "FAILURE" Kevin must feel like !

I will echo the sentiments of another poster .... I like the NEW APPROACH by Desjardins.


P.S - Again, good luck Kevin, hope to see you in Black and Gold soon.

Thanks mikey for posting the link :thup:

A "real competition" at training camp will be a good thing!

Our new GM seems to be a "straight-shooter"!

I like that! :thup: :thup:

makes sense to me, now eakin has a shot at the nfl, and we also have a better look to see how he does in game action over the winter, solid decision making our new GM has. smart guy.

Dont know why so many are down on Kevin Eakin, he truly is a young AC, a future can be designed around his abilities and I for one hope he is back ! Discount this seasons poor performance, it took alot more then just Kevins play to forge that train wreck !!

its funny how people can write off his bad game with hes terrible but some people have a bad game and its all the olines fault. isnt eakin playing behind this same o-line. eakin haters please tone it down. the guy has plenty of potential. You guys cry that you want to "develop" and why doesnt this organization do this? well i m sorry to tell you but you sorry fans dont have the patience. he will be back at some point hopefully not to haunt us. it seems that on this board you have to only like one qb. you pick your guy and then you do everything you can to make the others look bad. get over yourselves the kid wasnt that bad and had a big upside. maybe we will see it but to disrespect the kid is a terrible injustice. he has hardly got his feet wet. i personally was looking forward to seeing him a richie battle it out next camp. good luck eakin.

The Argos did the same thing with QB Michael Bishop. From the Arena league back to the CFL. However, why all this sudden fear that Eakin won't be returning to Hamilton? You're talking like he's the 2nd coming of Russ Jackson. Take off those rose colored glasses. Eakin is a marginal pro QB at best. Be honest--over 2 years, has he really shown much?

The Cats need a huge make-over. Why bring back old faces from the 3-15 season with their old attitudes?

Move on!

An Argo fan

Not to worry, NWO.

I read somewhere that Kevin will be back
hopefully with his jock still sweat-soaked
from a season of development in NFL Europe.

Now where was that link?..oh well.

Its finally making sense !! Lets support these guys and develop and right now I see Kevin Eakin as one that can be developed, if it was about winning we wouldnt be ti-cats fans .. would we ?

It would be very helpful to the fans if the Ticat press agents and the media would put this kind of information out in a timely fashion so the fans who pay the freight would know the score.

I'm delighted that Kevin is coming back and I hope his efforts to groom himself into a better quarterback pay off.

Ok, I have to admit I was scratching my head after thinking about this.....I was puzzled as to how Eakin could play in NFL Europe and still make it to the Ticats Camp in time.....well, it's good news after all.... This year for instance, the NFL Europe League started in mid-March and had it's Championship Game in the last week of May. They had a 10 game, regular season schedule.

So yeah, this will work, assuming things work out that Kevin wants to return and our new Coach feels he could fit in with our new program....at least there are no stumbling blocks is what I'm saying.


Right On Mikey...And this decision speaks Volumes to the mans credibility and desire to improve and do well!

I knew I liked the guys attitude! Sounds like he would play football all year if he could...lol

I've said it before..."I wonder what would have happened, had we kept D'Mac and to do what he did in Calgary this year!"... "What if we kept Troy Davis"..."What if we hadn't hired PaoPao?" This year sure would have been different!!! :roll:

Oh well...Let's move on and look to Next Year!