Eakin starting again.....what a waste

How dumb is Ron, I can see he doesn't care anymore. Why start someone who has not proven he is worth to start. Flame away!!

I thought it was clear that Marcel was making the decisions in regards to the evaluation of players.

One last chance to blame Ron, im sure most are going to go all out this week.

I don't know about "dumb".

But seeing as Eakin's already had two starts, why not give Williams one?

(shrug) It ain't that big of a deal. I'm sure Williams will get playing time regardless.

Maybe Eikin will get some blocking this game,then he can be properly evaluated.

Your right theres a big conspiracy to run this team in the ground. they want to start eakin because he is the worst of the two. give me a break. he has as good a day as your boy. dont get stupid about this. they are evaluating like everyone wanted. both guys will get a chance to play. its the old saying that nobody is more popular and wanted on a team as the #2 qb. at this point who starts barely matters. im sure both guys are just happy for the opportunity. So pick something else to complain about. theres plenty to pick from

Why the 'tude, dude?

Telling posters what they can and can't post is out of bounds.

It's a reflection on you rather than the person you're responding to.

Im not calling anyone stupid. im saying dont get stupid. if that is too harsh well i apologize. its more of a saying. but thanks for the advice. really probably the last one that should be giving it but thanks anyways.

hahhaha the irony. please captainkirk maybe you should take a page from your own book.

If this game is about evaluation for next year, then IMO they made the right decision.

Eakin has not proven, in the limited minutes we've seen him, whether or not he should be invited back next year. Unlike some here, I wouldn't declare a guy's football career over because in two starts and a few garbage minutes, on one of the most inept offenses in modern CFL history, he wasn't able to get things going.

They may already have decided that Williams is coming back. In which case, he doesn't need the start as much as Eakin does.

I wouldn't doubt that.

ifffff Williams wants to come back to this.

I suspect he would.

Dunno if Eakin has played himself off the team entirley as GMs and coaches dont fret too much over backup pivots but he did drive a stake through the heart of the fantasy that had him as the 1a QB at the start of the year.
So in retrospect Marshall and Lancaster were right in keeping him #2 and on the bench.
Because since he arrived here right up to today he is what he is:
A backup quarterback.

But seeing as Eakin's already had two starts, why not give Williams one?
Why Not ? Because the people in charge of making the decisions SAID SO, and Maybe, JUST MAYBE ... the same people can see Kevin Eakin is WORTHY of the start.

Also, the locker room of a football team is a world of its own, with its own CODE of Conduct. A code which includes such things as RESPECT and CHAIN of COMMAND.

Eakin is an INCUMBENT. Bottome line is BOTH guys will play. All things being equal, tie goes to the guy who has been with the TEAM longer. Eakin DESERVES the start by virtue of paying more dues than Richie.

I'll be looking for the amount of IMPROVEMENT each QB can display over their individual performances last week. From the perspective of providing a'level playing field' for each - I like that he game is in a DOME.

I'll be hoping BOTH guys show their BEST.


Great post MS!

The last five or six games when Mass started were the wasted games.

I thought Eakin showed promise in the last home game. His stats weren't all that good, but he did manage to put a couple of long drives together, including a TD.

The stats were spoiled by too many incomplete long bombs to recievers who just weren't getting open. His throws weren't that bad, its just that he was throwing away from the DB to avoid the interception and the receivers too tightly covered to be able to make a completion.

Williams TD completion was a nice throw, but it went to a guy who was five yards behind the defence, it was not exactly a tough completion.

Of the two QBs, Eakins showed more poise and looked more capable, he deserves to start in BC

Some good points here, but I don't think we saw enough of Williams to say much about exactly how good he is right now. And as Section8 pointed out, we need to see more of what Eakin can do to get a better idea of whether we should keep him or replace him.

It is for this reason that I figure Eakin and Williams will and should get roughly equal playing time. And according to an article in the Spectator today (as you can see if you click here) Williams will apparently get some playing time. That's why the decision on who starts does not matter. The question is this: How much time will each quarterback get?