Eakin Signed To Bills' Practice Roster

The Buffalo Bills website reports the signing of former Ticat quarterback to the Bills' practice roster today. With the release of veteran quarterback Craig Nall two days ago, the Bills will only be carrying two quarterbacks, J.P. Losman and Trent Edwards, on their active roster. Eakin will fill the role of scout team quarterback in the Bills' practices. Congratulations and good luck to Kevin Eakin!


Losman and Edwards? The Bills are doomed this year.

I wish Kevin all the best!

Oski Wee Wee,


I was really hoping to wake up this morning and find that Maas had been released after yesterdays game (so we weren't responible for the balance of his salary) and that for the balance of the year we would have been developing both Chang and Eakin. Oh well. Anybody wanna buy my tickets for the Sept 15th game :<((((


LOL Is this guy still news?????

On the other site, too, oddly enough.

Frankly, the less I hear about Kevin Eakin the happier I'll be. We have so many failed CFL QBs in the past, Ted White, Tee Martin, Pat Barnes, Kevin Mason, Pete Gonzalez, Mike Quinn, dang it I could go on and on......but why this love affair so many Cat fans seem to have for this guy just totally escapes me. I saw him play; thanks but no thanks.

I join the others who wish to congratulate Kevin for landing this job. With only 2 other QB’s apparantly, it sounds like Eakin is the defacto #3 even though classified as a “practice roster” QB…

…this is a great opportunity to develop further and Eakin seems to be positioning himself well for the future.

I look forward to watch his progress going forward.


If Timmy Chang, who has made about as much impact as Eakin did in his time as a Cat, hooked up with an NFL team, do you suppose we'd get the odd post about his progress. Count on it.

We'd still be responsible for the balance of his salary, contracts are guaranteed after Sept. 1.


Is that "the royal we"? :wink:

Some of do care enough to follow his career....myself, I think he's got a great future ahead in either the NFL or CFL....maybe I'm wrong but time will tell....

...so far, he must have impressed the Bills enough to be where he is today.....which is better than hundreds of other QBs out there who are sitting at home doing nothing.

Looking at the rest of Buffalo's QBs it doesn't take much to impress them.

The ODD post??? There's been more posts about Eakin in the past month than half of the Ticats. Dont kid yourself some people just love to go gaga over this guy just like the ones that want to see Maas fail.

Don't look now but you just posted in an "Eakin" thread....us Eakin fans thank you for your participation..... :wink:

There's a 50% chance of that happening just by posting here lately. :roll:

A couple of CLARIFICTIONS ... Kevin Eakin did NOT FAIL here ... the guy ASKED OUT of his CONTRACT to do EXACTLY what he is doing now - which is PURSUE a Football Career in the NFL.

Secondly, Chang has DONE NOTHING CLOSE, and SHOWN NOTHING CLOSE to the talent Eakin has. That is why he is on an NFL Roster and Chang IS NOT.

I don't give a RAT'S @ss what SOME people around here think about Eakin posts ... you saw the TITLE ... you didn't HAVE to click on it.

The reason I, PERSONALLY, continue to post threads about him is because the Tiger Cats LET HIM GO ... and we still have CRAP for a QB.

Congratulations to Kevin Fr- Eakin Eakin !!!!!!!!!!!


P.S The same people who were blind to Eakin's talent ... seem to be the same people who a) thought/think Bishop is a stiff and b) think Chang can be a top flight starter ... that should SAY IT ALL right there about their ABILITY to SPOT Talent.

Good for Kevin Eakin! Glad to hear it, and hope all goes well for him!

For the record I am a Maas fan and an Eakin fan!!! Wish we had them both here in the Hammer !!!

Only thing left now is for Maas to get dumped by the Cats so he can move on and shine somewhere else!!!!!

Sure, 'cause Kevin's been a busy guy, what with being shuffled from one list to another.

There have been lots of posts about Flick and Peterson, too. Surprised?

Some people are just plain interested in the current activity of players they were fans of, or had high hopes for, when they were here.

And some people that liked a certain player when he was here, and disagreed with decision to move him, might even want to rub it in a bit if the guy that the Cats sent packing does something (anything) somewhere else.

Heck, some people with even longer grudg... er, memories, keep bringing up McManus or, egads, Calvillo, in the same context. "Driving them out of town" is what I think they call it. And yes, Maas, can be added to the list, if he lands somewhere else and does anything at all.

Personally, I don't care for the gloating/"told ya so" aspect of it, whether the subject be Eakin, Flick or McManus. But as someone with a keen interest in how well our GM and coaching staff are doing their jobs, I for one am interested in the contributions of the people that scour the Internet looking for info on the status of Ticats of the recent past.