Eakin leaves Tiger-Cats......

Which to me begs the question: if their coaching is more beneficial to his development, and NFL-E sends more QBs to The Show than the CFL, why did he leave that league in the first place?

At least we didn't have to wait for some Freakin' closure. :wink:

Simple....CFL pays better than NFLE

Should the Ti Cats have had a conversation with Eakin about what his plans were?

I would think so.
I don't think he would have seen the field in the last two games if the Cats knew.

Another management blunder.

why did he leave in the first place
I can't presume to speak for the guy ... but I could SUGGEST the following ... HE BELIEVED he was good enough to start for the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

When he got here, all he saw was an AGED QB throwing INT after INT for TD's ... he saw Jon 'never gonna see the field' Beutjeur (sorry, Woody) on the bench and thought too himself ..."Hey, here is an opportunity to ply my trade Professionally". How was he to know that the same managment who saw fit to bring him here saw fit to replace him with a bigger name.

This was just a bad conspiracy of events that worked against Kevin. The good thing for him, (which was the bad thing for him here) is that he is YOUNG.

Nothing beats the combination of YOUTH and TALENT. Mixed with a little determination they combine to form a POWERFUL INERTIAL FORCE, that no amount of bad internet analysis can overcome.


P.S Again, good luck Kevin.

Well said Steve. I was about to post something like this myself but you have said it all.
I was never much of a fan of Eakin's but what happened to him here has been repeated many times in many types of careers. You can be a bum in one organization and a hero in another. Good luck to him.

I can bet if you press the Cats management, they've known for some time about Eakin leaving.

And if he can overcome the inertia of 9 INTs in 88 attempts, more power to him. 8)

Bottom line - both he, and the team, need to think selfishly about their futures at this point.

As Meanstreak said

'Make no mistake, this is a DIRECT reflection
of Kevin's BELIEF in himself ...

his desire to be an NFL QB will not die
on the field of IWS, and will not be curtailed
by a few blind analysts on a web forum.'

Kevin exhibited nothing but confidence
on the field and in what he said to the press.

He can sit back in the pocket
and fire off hard passes quickly
with his excellent arm strength

or he can move out of the pocket
and pass well on the run.

When he learns to make better decisions
late in the play and hold his throws off

he will get a second shot at QB in the NFL
or starting QB shot back in the CFL. IMHO.

Good Luck, Kevin.


Kevin knows his chances of doing that elsewhere
are better than they would be if he stays here

with the Tiger Cats likely relying on Jason Maas
or some other experienced CFL QB they bring in.

I was never part of the Eakin fan club. I said from the outset the guy had no legs. And any QB in CFL needs mobility as part of his game.

Eakin should learn now that football is not his career.

And you might want to clean up your language.

gimme a break treehugger

section says football's not Eakins career..... Obviously being a football talent scout would'nt be yours.

Not sure how quitting the Cats and the CFL is a step forward or step up to anything.

The CFL is just as closley observed and scouted as NFLE Unless he thinks he can walk right into a starter's job in Europe.

The only clear thing it seems is he didnt want to play in Canada with it's style of ball.

Good Point "Z" but you know what, I think it's the ball. Please get rid of that piece of crap next year! What a dumb,stupid way to design a football! Thanks I feel better now.

No, meant three downs bigger field etc.etc. Doesnt seem like a good enough reason to quit Every import QB you can name had to gut it out and learn as a backup.Oh well.

I know.. I was attempting to be humorous, but I see now thats not my calling..

I thought it was funny. It's actually been a complaint of a lot of the QB's this year though. Why the hell would they decide to change something as important to the game as the friggin ball?? As for him making a step up, maybe he thinks he has a shot at getting more playing time there. Nobody knows whether he thinks it's a step up or a step down, it might be a matter of going back to basics for him if he had more success there.

I can't believe that everybody isn't upset about how he took away valuable playing time from Richie Williams, knowing that he wouldn't be back next year. This is the guy who was (reportedly) seen joking on the sidelines and congratulating opposing halfbacks on their interceptions of his throw. He had one good game last year. He did nothing this year. At least Williams always gave a faint glimmer of hope for the future when he went in because you could see that he had the potential, given a little playing time. Kevin Eakin took that away from Williams, the team and us.

Personally, I'm glad that he's going because, based on this, he is definitely not a team player.

I can just about agree with that, and add this, don't let the locker room door hit you on the butt on the way out.

I'm sure we'll hear about a few other Ticats either abandoning ship or being forced to walk the plank in the next few weeks.

Eakin had zero chance of playing with Maas here next year. And frankly, Eakin might have been cut in training camp in 2007 if he didn't take off now. Best for him and best for Cat fans too. Now Smith will have to find some other young guns to compete for QB. Let the scouting and auditions begin.

What if the GM knew all along that Kevin wanted his release and still played him here--maybe that says that Richie is not as ready as everyone thought. Richie is a talent, but I do not think he is ready yet and I think the GM knew that they needed to rely on Kevin's skills--he earned the playing time he got in the very worst of conditions with this team. Good luck, Kevin.