Eakin leaves Tiger-Cats......

Good Luck in Europe #12....

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And in unrelated news, bereavement days in the city of Hamilton hit an all time high... while at "Kleenex" sales are through the roof. lol.

Good Luck Kevin, moving back to NFL Europe is more than alot of failed CFL backups can say they did... most are done football altogether.

Thanks for the little bit of hope for a little while.

Dear Kevin,

Time to give serious thought to another career.

Can you say..."Would you like fries with that"

Good Luck.

I'm sorry to see you go and I wish you all the best. I hope you find success there. I think you have a lot more to offer than we were able to see here.

section 31 when did you get released?
Good luck Kevin,, 2nd best qb in Europe last year ... wise decision, at least they have quality coaches.

Sometimes it's good to settle questions while they're fresh, so that future historians will not need to debate the topic.

I propose that we all agree that Eakin was not "run out of town". Whether it was his decision alone or decided jointly with the team, that does not constitute being "run out of town."

By agreeing right from the get-go, hopefully we can avoid years of posts where people add Eakin's name to the list of all the past Ticat QBs who were "run out of town."

(Note: If it comes out in the next couple of days that crowds of townspeople had in fact gone to Eakin's residence, pulled him out, tied him to a horse-drawn wagon, and dropped him at the city limits, then I will reconsider this question.)

Well there's one less "slacker" :slight_smile: for Desjardins to get rid of.
But I thought Kevin showed last year he had the tools to be a good CFL QB, don't know what happened this year.
It has always been my observance that QB's takes 3-4-5 years to develop into bonafide starters in the CFL. The ones that have quick starts generally struggle after a year or two for a while as the opposition coaches disect them on film.
There always seems to be that learning curve sooner or later and it only seems to come from expierence. Hopefully Mr. Eakin can regain some confidence in NFLE and maybe resurface in the league in the future.

Would have been nice to see what Eakin could do with a good Oline.

I think Eakin toke a good look at this team and ran himself out of town.

While I certainly don't wish any ill will to EAKIN I think it was pretty selfish on his part to accept all the playing time he received in the last 2 games knowing full well he was leaving right after the last game of the season.

I certainly would find it hard to believe that if the Cats brass knew he was leaving or asking for his release that they would have given so much playing time in the last 2 games.

Williams could have used the live game exposure to see if the spurts of potential he showed can improve with more work.

Just my thoughts.


Talk about revisionist history. At no time this year did he show that he'd ever be ready for primetime whatever upgrades are made to the supporting cast for 2007. This is just one less problem for Desjardins to deal with.

An Argo fan

Despite getting chances alot of backups can only dream about he never really took off. Never seemed suited to the CFL.
Probably never intended to stay in Canada any longer than he had to.
File Eakin with Brady Beutjer,Washington,Graves, Ledbetter, Rubley, Cawley, ... and a bunch of others that never quite got the hang of it.

Thanks for being with us for the short time you did Kevin. Best of luck to you in Europe, I hope it goes really well for you there. I remember when you first came here how nice it was when your family came on this site and were so pleased and gracious about how you were warmly welcomed to Hamilton. I'm sorry it didn't turn out more successfully for you from a football perspective here. Keep it up though, with good family support like that you'll do well, wherever you go and whatever you do.

I can't say that I'm surprised. Good Luck and have fun over in NFL Europe Kevin!

Perhaps we will see you back in the CFL some day if not in the NFL. :wink: :thup:

Agreed. Not really surprising.He didnt play nearly good enough to take the starter's job or get a starter's job elsewhere in the league. So it was either back to Europe or stay here and be a backup.

I read nothing in today's paper about the seriousness of his jammed thumb. Does anyone have the word on this? Did he, in fact, jam his thumb, or did he decide to end his CFL career early since he knew he was leaving anyway?

I thank him for giving his best to the team, the city and the fans and wish him well in the future.

I firmly believe that this man has potential which he was unable to display because of many other team issues already discussed on this forum.

I will watch NFL Europe with great interest to see his progress there.

Don't be surprized if several other players pack in the Tiger Cats. Most of them, of course, wont be missed, depending on which ones go.

Hitchcock and Morreale: Don't wait until camp opens to announce your retirements. You both say you're coming back, and I hope you do, but all too frequently, we hear about retirements just as the new season starts. This isn't fair to the team or the fans. If your going, do as Eakins did, and go now!

easy there bud, was it not last year when we all thought he was out teams savour, dont be an ass, way to show class there section31

Couple questions and comments.

As stated previously Kevin Eakin will be on a professional football field next season.

Three or four starts, ranging from pretty good to fairly poor - doth not a "failure make".

Make no mistake, this is a DIRECT reflection of Kevin's BELIEF in himself ... his desire to be an NFL QB will not die on the field of IWS, and will not be curtailed by a few blind analysts on a web forum.

A previous poster NAILED it when he said, about NFL Europe - "atleast they have coaches" ! This is EXACTLY what Kevin Eakin is thinking ... what a WASTE of his talent (he MUST be thinking) this Organization was ... with some more DEVELOPMENT over in Europe (read PLAYING TIME) there is NO DOUBT in my mind that Kevin Eakin will be back on a North American football roster.

How much MORE or LESS money will he be making in NFL Europe anyway ?


P.S - Good Luck Kevin !

That was my first thought too. I don't blame him for taking the starts though - any experience is good.