Eakin laughing...and Hitch socializing...

I didn't see the Eakin event (I had left) and did not hear Hogie this a.m., but I am getting SICK AND TIRED of the fraternization between our guys and the other team.

Hitchcock was chatting up the Argo kick-off team early IN THE GAME...not before, but during. Eakin laughs with the boys...how do you get an intense hate-on for you opposition when you are shooting the **** with them while you are competing.

I even have a problem with this "fellowshipping" stuff in the circle at the end of the game. If you want to thank your maker for keeping people helathy, great, but do it with YOUR teammates, not the people trying to make you unhealthy.

you should not have to have a "hate on" for the opposition to beat them on the field. Thats just BS

I agree with canuck.

Where's the competetive spirit?

The Ti-Cats, more and more, look like nothing but a bunch of quitters for the most part.

Actually both arguments are correct. You don't need a hateon to compete but fraternization during a game isn't condusive to a good performance.

Well, maybe they are doing this since the team has been operated football wise, in their minds anyway, like a, well, not sure what to say, like a computer biz maybe? But Bob Young has admitted he will operate the team more along the traditional lines of accountability and hierarchy and I commend Bob on admitting this.
We’ll be fine with how this team gets built over the course of the next year or two.

Maybe they just want to be friendly with the opposition since they might be playing for them next year?

you guys are clueless .... these guys are professionals you dont have to have a hate on for anyone to perform at a high level. in fact having a " hate on" is what results in stupid penalties ie belli and cheatwood etc. these inexcusable examples of how mean and tough they are. i think this is another example of how the fans take things too seriously a good rivarly is great but these guys esp hitch have played together and against eachother .... they in many cases are friends so i believe this is a non issue.

That is what happens when you have a small league, 8 teams, with half being of thge players being Canadian. Many of these players have played with each other at some point and it is tough to hate a former teammate.

KEvin was talking and "socializing" with a former Galaxy player that now plays for the Argos. So if you want to condemn him for that go ahead.

Also thanking God for safety and no one getting seriously hurt during a football game supercedes any "hating" of an opponent. THIS IS A GAME REMEMBER

It isn't a small league issue, it's a pro athlete issue - these guys have more in common with each other than they do with the rest of us so they become each other's peer group.

You see the exact same thing in other pro leagues - don't they still do that big Christian group hug/prayer thing after NFL games.

A game yes, but there is a time and place for fraternizing. Congratulating a player for intercepting one of your passes seems like a place to avoid

I never played pro, but I have been told things like nice play, great catch, by opposing players. Didnt hurt the game none.

At the end of a play, walking back to the huddle, I have joked with opposing players. Didnt hurt the game none.

Maybe Hitch should get a "hate" for the opposition, because he played terrible yesterday....that open field shoulder bump was a sad excuse for a tackle....and to send him out in coverage wasn't any better.

I don't disagree with most of what you wrote but I have a huge problem with this portion of it.

I think this is a very respectful way to end the game. (almost like two prize fighters giving each other a pat on the back and a hug at the end of a fight) I see nothing wrong with showing your opponents a little respect and praying together if you so please.

Despite the fact that you're trying to physically dominate the other team during the game, you can still have respect for them after the game.

That being said, I agree 100% that this crap shouldn't be going on during the game.

I respect all of the opinions left here…but this is a physical game, and you cannot, repeat, CANNOT perform at a level of intensity required to compete, then turn around and express the opposite emotion. I coach senior executives at a number of Fortune 100 companies throughout North america, and there is no way they can maintain a competitive edge while being friends in the moment. It is a romantic notion to think it is possible, but it isn’t, and our players need to understand that. The reality is, those that played before DO understand that which is why it was always frowned upon in the past…

canuck you are wrong. intensity is useful between the whistles everything else is wasted energy and carrying on.

No newworld, canuck is dead on. The key qualifier is that they cannot be friends "in the moment." It's one thing to be mates but another to be mates on the field when the game is on.

So if I understand you, it would seem that executives of rival firms, upon encountering each other at a social function or industry event, would refuse to shake hands or engage in small talk with each other. They would be more likely to swear, fight, or at the very least offer a very public insult or snub.


And if a former colleague and close friend of many years left to join a rival, they would instantly become your sworn enemy.


Sorry, newworld, but the waste of energy happens when you go from intensity to no intensity between the whistles. It's almost like starting an engine, then turning it off at the traffic light, then starting it to move again. More energy is used moving between intense-relaxed than staying in one or the other...