Eakin get's start......

Change of plans....Kevin Eakin to start now

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Well, I didn't know Kevin played for Cinncinnati! How could he be getting the start when he doesn't play for the Tiger-Cats?

Oh, and I figured this would happen, though I'd be much happier to see Eakin play this game, and Williams play the next game.

Go Bengals Go :roll:

They have to figure out what they have in him and Williams, excellent move on the part of the Cats.

Great to hear Eakin and Williams get to play :thup: ...

It's a no brainer to the fans at this point in the season and out of the playoffs to try our backup players.....but somehow what we wish for never happenens...guess Jason being nicked up was the difference or is it a change in philosophy ?

Good one. Who, other than Ken Peters, refers to the Ticats as the Bengals?

But seriously, the last time Eakin played started versus Winnipeg. the team got shut out. Let's hope this time he can redeem himself, and show how good he can be.

Eakin starting!!!!


I like the idea of seeing what they can do , Kevin is a free agent next year .

I especially want to see R.Williams get the ball for the Ti-Cats to watch him go!


Waaaa Waaaaa Waaaa Ticat fans sinking to the depths of self pity!

I just sent a note of protest to Ken Peters re the "Bengals".
This constant barrage of tired old cliches and attempts at being clever are just plain tiresome.

Rather have Richie Williams starting then Kevin

Eakins getting the start against Winnipeg indicates further that Desjardins is taking control of this team and Lancaster is doing what he's told to do.

According to the Spectator, Williams will likely see some action as well.

To those of you who still think Ron Lancaster is running this team, what do you have to say now?
Don't forget, about a week ago, Lancaster was following his own format of starting Maas in the Winnipeg game and publicly went on record as saying so.
It appears that someone with more clout than him, over ruled him.

I won't be disappointed if Ticats don't win these last couple of games, but I'm very gratified that someone in the organization (Dejardins) has come to his senses in recognizing that the 2007 season starts now.

To those of you still getting on Peter's back for his writing style,give ita rest.

Thousands of sports writers do the same thing. It doesn't take a mental giant to figure out that the bengals are the ticats.

It will be nice to see someone other than Maas in there. I've had my fill of him.

I don,t think either one of these backups
are going to work out, but we need to see,
then send smith down to kansas city to
talk to a real QB about next year.

Folks - this is a no brainer. With the Cats officially eliminated from possible playoff contention, what point is there playing MAAS?
Don't we already know what he can or cannot do?

This is a good test for both Q/Bs, and should give Management a good (or at least better) idea of what we have, or have not.

If they both falter, or both progress, or either one of them progresses, will determine if they are asked to come back next year, or not.

No more pussy-footing around (if you know what I mean...)

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

It will be interesting to see how this opportunity goes for Mr. Eakin. The o-line is playing much better under Coach Sal, I like that Jessie is back in town to bolster the running game, I think the receivers are going to be really on their game this week and that should help. I do not see this a make or break game--the Bombers really need this to make the playoffs and right now the Ticats could serve "the spoilers" role. That is something worth playing for and showing what you can do. I just hope that these guys prepare well, have some fun cracking heads, perform up to their abilities and I am predicting a Ticat win this week. There has been so much to rag on for the bye week--it is time to just go to work and get the job done. A total team effort--do whatever it takes to get the job done. A win!! Boxer

Soooooooo, Eakin is starting Sunday, eh? Let's label Sunday's game, "Run For Your Life Campaign." Look to him to rush for about 350 yds, 90% of it behind the line of scrimmage.

But will he be in at games end? I sense Williams will enter the play in the second half and rush for about 65 yards, upfield.

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GOOD! Was getting tired of Maas' act to be honest.

I'm looking forward to it as well! :thup:

Have a good game Kevin!

May all the Ticats have a good game and come away with a win! :thup:

How much did Williams play for learning. His record proves he’s a passer, rolling out tumbler of a cat plus a not so bad runner.
Who’s not ready ?