Eakin asks to be released from ticats

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Eakin leaves Ticats
Kevin Eakin will not return to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats next season.

The quarterback has asked for, and has been granted, his release from the club.

Eakin tells CHML News that he's returning to NFL Europe in 2007.

The Ticats cleaned out their lockers today, after ending their season on Saturday.

Gee...rather than just wait to be cut?

Being cut would be embarassing. Quitting before being fired will look better on his resume.

Hmm... Wont he make more Money in the CFL?

He's looking for playing time / learning and re-tuneing so hopefully he can improve and come back to be a first stringer.

Doing what? Certainly not playing quarterbck anymore. Perhaps replacing Pigskin Pete. :lol:

I only asked it because I believe the average salary is higher in the CFL as opposed to NFL Europe

Eakin does have some up side to his game, I watched him this year and thought he wasn't a bad QB at all, still learning though. I suspect that he'll fight another day in the CFL...who knows, he just might be starting for the Argos, by mid season next year..

That would be interesting... You think Spergeon Wynn will get the job?

Wynn would be the Argos first choice, probably in week three...problem is under next years cap, Argos won't be able to sign a high profile QB like Dickenson, unless they let Damon Go ...it will be Allen Wynnn and may be Eakin..

True, i think DD should just retire, he is injured more often than not... he is hurting his teams too much and his own personal health is deteriorating for down the road..

Don't know about that one...If private ownership signed Dickenson they could roll the dice and sign him for 250 thousand a year for playing football, n another quarter million for washing the owners car...wax not included..