Eakin 8 for 18, 111 yards

In spite of the loss, Eakin played better.

Perhaps the best we have seen from him.

less than 50% is better?

Oh right, i forgot how bad he was the rest of the season.

I know, but I am trying real hard to find a silver lining here.

Eakin made a couple of nice passes today.

so did the dance team

haha...that ones gunna hurt tommorrow morning!

Regardless I think Eakin definitely needs part of that last game against the Lions to prove himself. If Eakin or Williams can play half decent against the Lions then we got ourselves some pretty decent backup QBs.

As i have said on another thread the QBs had almost no time to throw the ball.The offensive line was horrendous.

Crash = eternal optimist....only when he makes a point, everyone elses opinion must surely be wrong!


Nothing I saw today makes me believe anything DIFFERENT than I have been saying all along ... Eakin can play the game of football at the professional level.

The SUPERFICIAL (aka statistical) analysis would suggest, and conclude - that Eakin played poorly.

Although the guy did not, by any means, light the field up ... it was a more than COMPETENT performance. The bomb to Ralph in the endzone was a CLOSE one ... perhaps with a few more of those ATTEMPTS under his belt Eakin connects on that ...

He had a couple over and under throws ... but there is no denying his ARM STRENGTH ... again, with more work and timing established he makes those throws.

He looked CONSIDERABLY LESS mobile than my recollection of him, however.

Bottom line is when he left the field the Ticats still had a chance to win. Which brings us to Richie ...

Williams, again, showed that he has got some real SKEELZ ... I could really fall in love with this guy ... something about big, mobile QB's with strong, yet UNORTHODOX deliveries, I guess.

So, bottom line, for me anyway - is that all three of these guys could be in camp next season (including Maas of course).

IF Desjardins has decided that it is ONLY ONE of Eakin, or Williams that returns then I would have to RESERVE JUDGEMENT until the last game in BC has been played.


Um, man, whats with the CAPS!

It's Meanstreak's 'style'. I'm glad he does it. I don't even have to check the username to know I can ignore the message.

Eakin looked sub-standard, I'd rather have Williams.

Meanstreak has a point: reserve judgement until after BC.

None of these GUYS are capable of being a
STARTER next year, so is this an analysis
on who is going to be the backup next year??

Why, because they haven't been called a dance team for a few years now?

Anyhow, Eakin's passes looked better tonight.

They had a tight spiral and, for the most part, they were on the money.

Most of them on the money? He was less than 50%, meaning most of them weren't on the money.

Some of them weren't on the money.

Some of them should have been caught and went right through the fingertips of the receiver.

A lot of the replays showed EAKIN was throwing behind the players. Off the top of my head I recall 1 to VAUGHN and 2 to FLICK. The balls had zip but were behind the intended targets.


One interesting point about Eakins really bad game against Winnipeg was mentioned on TSN by Lief Peterson .
Winnipeg picked up Ottawas 3rd string QB last from year in the dispersal draft.He was recognising plays being called by Pao Pao ,he found them similar to last years plays that he knew,so Peterson claims he was directing the defenders to where the ball was likely going.Sorry I forget back up QB's name...



Most of the ones that went off the fingertips of the recievers were thrown behind or above them. I know there was one to Vaughn, and a few others.

Yea i counted 2 behind Vaughn, 1 well behind Flick which got him injured while reaching back and exposing his ribs… then the deep ball to Flick that he had to wait for, something he has had to do all year.

He really didn’t throw the ball all that well and 8-18 shows that he didn’t get the job done.