todd pinkston was waived by the eagles bring him in or no heres some details http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2566150

so do we bring the guy if no one wwwants him

I think its pretty safe to say he'll find a team in the nfl to sign him.

you want todd stinkston? are you crazy, he is the softest player in the nfl (including kickers) this ugy is a joke, heres a reason why you shouldn't want todd STINK-ston.
For anyone who might be interested in throwing a seventh-round draft pick (or maybe something slightly more valuable like a block of government cheese) to the Eagles for receiver Todd Pinkston, we highly recommend that you review this clip from YouTube of Stinkston displaying what Joey Sunshine aptly dubs "alligator body."

It's a play from an Eagles-Redskins game on ESPN's Sunday night football, and Pinkston while tracking down a long pass turns his shoulder to avoid a hit from safety Ryan Clark.

"Unbelievable!" exclaimed Theismann "You've heard of alligator arms, this is alligator body. Todd Pinkston has got a touchdown. . . . He does not wanna get hit. . . . This is a great way to lose your job as a receiver in the National Football League."

[url=http://youtube.com/watch?v=ls794MhIkU4&mode=related&search]http://youtube.com/watch?v=ls794MhIkU4& ... ted&search[/url] http://www.profootballtalk.com/LenCut.mp3

As ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli continues to shamelessly pimp receiver Todd Pinkston, who is represented by Len friend Joel Segal, Pasquarelli is (in our opinion) running the risk of permanently tarnishing his credibility -- all in the interests of preserving his pipeline with Segal.

We believe that, in Len's world, "journalism" isn't about rolling up his sleeves and chasing down leads; it's about establishing mutual-back-scratching relationships, primarily with agents, who'll then spoon feed him scoops as long as he "pumps them up" in print.

Case in point -- agent Hadley Englehard got in hot water a couple of years ago for giving Len his password to the NFLPA database regarding transactions and other stuff not publicly available. Len, by all appearances, suffered no consequence.

In this case, Len is preserving and/or advancing his situation with Segal by helping him to get Pinkston placed with a new team.

let me also add that todd stinkston was never a star receiver in philly, he was a joke, and did not personify the toguhness of south philly, a blue collar town doesn't need a WR nicknamed stinkston nad pinky , cuz he is too soft.

He is often called Stinkston or Pinky, both of which are derogatory references to his perceived timid, "soft" play.

Pinkston has drawn broad criticism for his mediocre tenure as an Eagles receiver. When he does play, he regularly has difficulty getting off the line of scrimmage against defensive opponents and is often very timid in his attempts to catch passes, apparently fearful of tackles. Pinkston's timid approach to the game has made him an object of great scorn among Philadelphia fans, who commonly appreciate tougher and more aggressive play.

2003: Contributing to Eagles' playoff loss

In the 2003 NFC Championship game against the Carolina Panthers (actually played on January 18, 2004), for example, Pinkston failed to catch a pass the entire game despite being covered by a Panthers cornerback, Ricky Manning Jr., who at 5'8" is six inches shorter than Pinkston. In covering Pinkston, Manning also had three interceptions in the game as the Eagles, favored and playing at home, lost 14-3, the third consecutive defeat suffered by the team in the conference title game.

2004: Giving up on catchable passes

Criticism of Pinkston turned particularly harsh after a game against the Redskins in Washington, D.C. on December 12, 2004, when, with a couple Washington defenders in the area, Pinkston completely gave up on a seemingly catchable pass across the middle. However, later that half Pinkston was the recipient of an 80-yard bomb from Donovan McNabb, furthering the paradox between his apparent receiving cowardice and his big-play potential. The Eagles did go on to win the game, 17-14.

This negative publicity notwithstanding, Pinkston's 18.8 yards-per-catch average for the 2004 regular season was exceeded by only one other NFL receiver with as many or more receptions than the 36 he recorded (Ashley Lelie of the Denver Broncos averaged 20.1), and his six catches gaining 40 or more yards was topped by only three other receivers (teammate Terrell Owens, who had nine, and Javon Walker of the Green Bay Packers and Dennis Northcutt of the Cleveland Browns with seven each).

2004: Leaves Super Bowl

Pinkston came under fire again on February 6, 2005 at Super Bowl XXXIX when, he left the biggest game of his career with "leg cramps" after having made four receptions for 82 yards, leading to further questions about his physical and/or mental capability to play in the NFL. The Eagles lost the game, 24-21

Yeah I have never liked this guy, the only reason he was a starter for so long was because he is tall.

ya, the eagles have really never been known for their receivers lately....

except for TO maybe.

theres no way hes comming to the cfl lol. i do think its kinf of funny how mant sign cut player threads we have tho, theres like 2 new ones each day

He makes Craig Yeast look like a punching bag...