Eagles sign Vick

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed Mike Vick.

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seems about right…

Who cares?

Vick is overated as a QB.

And I suppose he could use a few pointers from the best armchair QB in North America :roll:

What does that comment have to do with anything?

I think he's overarted. Run all you want as a QB, I don't think that'll win you anything in the NFL, never mind the CFL. As a QB you have to be a proficient passer.

Career 53.8 pct comp with 75.7 rating is mediocre. Granted, stats never tell a complete story, but can you explain to me why you think he is NOT overrated instead of making snide remarks?

Vick was the No. 1 draft pick in 2001, and once the highest-paid player in football. Do you think he's lived up to that?

Do you think he's lived up to that?
People can HATE ON Vick all they want ... but, the FACTS are that he is an all-world TALENT.

Those in a POSITION to RATE him, did so VERY HIGHLY - as evidenced by the 100+ million $$$ contract he received. Not to mention the 2(or3?) PRO BOWLS he was INVITED to.

He led the Falcons to the Playoffs 3 seasons, one of those teams beat Green Bay, IN Green Bay.
Instant HOF'er, not necessarily, but better than 1/2to 3/4 of his peers.

The NFL is a more exciting league with him IN it. He is still fairly young, and I, for ONE will be wishing for nothing but SUCCESS for him.


Yeah he's a real bloody hero. :roll:

I will not watch an Eagles game till Vick is gone now.
He should Ban for life
But the NFL Is Club Fed
go do your time
there is Job when you come back Wink wink

If you Support Animals Rights you'll Not watch an Eagles game all year
I won't buy any Eagles Products aether

I think some people are dragging this hate WAYY to far!

Trust me I hated Vick for what he allowed to happened to those dogs, He didn't partake in it him self, but funded it so it is still just as bad.

I am a dog owner I actually have 2.. a Shih Tzu X Poodle(11 years old) and a Purebred Beagle(Just turned 1) So I understand where all the hate comes from.. But seriously give the guy a break now, he is trying to rebuild his life and make up for his mistakes.. he served his time and now he is back trying to make amends.

Donte Stallworth KILLED a man while driving drunk and high.. Payed off the mans family and served 25 of the 30 days he was sentenced for in jail! WTF! 25 days for driving under the influence and KILLING someone, what message does that send. We do not equally hate on a man who has committed a brutal crime like that, instead you would rather beat a man down who actually DID his jail time and took responibility for his(stupid and very cruel) actions towards dogs?..

I am not supporting anything Vick has done to these helpless dogs, but it is WAY past the time we start letting go, and giving this man who has done his time, a second chance..

Both should Be Ban for Life..
You kill an Person or an Animal your get a Ban for life
Time to Close Club Fed.

Big difference. Daunte cased harm by mistake (A very stupid mistake) but intended no harm. (by Stallworths account there may have been contributory negligence by the man that was killed. He was walking in the road and ran in front of Daunte's car. On those facts, if he wasn't drinking maybe Stallworth does no time.) Vick on the other hand intended harm or was willfully blind that harm was occurring. He knew what he was doing.

Why? it was a civil case, nothing to do with his NFL team, it happened outside of football.
They have no right to deny his career, he did his time and debt to society.

Onknight, don't blame the Eagles for signing him - Once the NFL reinstated him you must have known there would be a team that would sign him. If your going to boycott anyone, I think it should be the whole NFL - their the ones who have allowed him back into the league.

I figured he'd get picked up by somebody and yes, he's done his time and deserves another chance and he must stay clean and not get back into that dog fighting inhumane stuff. Best of luck to him if he is remorseful for his actions and wants to straighten himself out.

have to agree with the Captain.

He's overated.

His stats are terrible.

All he can do is run.

His best season of passing is 3000 yards and can barely complete 50% of his passes.

He is not all world talent. He's an all world athelte, just not an all world football player. He should really be a running back or receiver.

Granted, he did lead the Falcons to some big playoff wins but it was more done with Vick, and the running backs RUNNING the ball. It wasn't a result of him PASSING the ball.

Remember, in the NFL, it's a RUNNING league. Teams weak in passing, will run more. I believe Vick is always around the 1000 yard mark and his backs had good running yards as well.

Vick has served his time. He has an NFL suspension. Then he can play. There is nothing wrong with that.

Stallworth has served his time. He has an NFL suspension. Then he can play. There is nothing wrong with that.

Todd Bertuzzi broke a guys neck on the ice, has a suspended sentence, is involved in a civil suit and serves around 17 games.

Look at Leonard Little. Drove drunk, killed someone. And has since been busted again. To me, the repeat offenders need to have the book thrown at them.

I am about second chances, not third and fourth chances.

This crazy talk about boycotting Eagles games is funny to me. Vick won't play until at least the 6th game of the regular season. He hasn't played in 2 years. What do you really expect from him? He's not going to have an impact on games. He's a back up and that's about it.

I love the Bills but I didn't want the Bills to sign him. Not because of his past but because he hasn't played in 2 years and he is a terrible QB.

Mike Vick served his time and lost millions of dollars in the process. He also had his name dragged through the mud which caused irreparable damage. If I had commit the same crimes as Mike Vick not even HALF the amount of people in this world would even know it happend. His fame caused him a lot more headache than any of us can imagine. I don't feel the least bit sorry for him... but those are the facts.

I also think that he's a terrible QB and would never want him on my team. He's not a QB. He's a RB that can throw every now and then.

Donte Stallworth on the other hand... he should be in jail and banned for life. He killed a man! He should have had to pay off the family of that man AND serve 20 years in prison. If you kill a man from driving drunk and being negligent they deserve at least 50% of your wealth for taking away their family members life... and then you need to go some time.

Dany Heatly too!

No one said he isn't exciting to watch when he's running. Please read the posts.

I hope he has success too.

But to say he is better than 1/2 of his peers agrees with my argument that he is a medioicre QB. Sure, he's exciting to watch when he runs, but that isn't enough for a QB to do in the NFL.

You'd think being a number 1 pick and being the highest paid player in the NFL that he would be better than what he's shown.

His average passing yards per game is a mediocre 155 yards. Again, more very average stats.

And I'm just referring to Vick the football player, not the person. I don't care about his off field activities, crimimal or otherwise.

You may think he's lived up to the hype of a first overall pick and being the highets paid player in the NFL, But I think he's far from it, talent not withstanding.

Calling him overrated does not mean hes a bad person, and nor does it mean hes a bad QB. He isnt an elite NFL QB is all Im saying. Overrated, plain and simple.

I don't think the Eagles signing him is entirely about Vick as a QB ... The best thing you can do with him is put the ball in his hands in space and tell him to run - He is practically unstoppable in that regard. Considering the horrible receiving core Philly has put on the field since McNabb started playing, this could work out great. They just signed Maclin who will probably end up being one of the top 2 receivers McNabb will ever throw to, DeSean Jackson is a great talent but I don't trust his character and am I not sure of how long his tenure in Philly will actually be, and now you can put Vick in the slot or backfield - Plus McNabb can still run and I didn't have to mention Westbrook. This could be the most potent offense Philly has seem in a long while.

Looking at Michael Vick solely from a football perspective, I think it's problematic to draw conclusions of his value as a football player if you look at passer rating and traditional methods of measuring quarterback efficiency because Michael Vick is anything but traditional. Just like how the NFL passer rating equation favours "West Coast" style quarterbacks, it equally discriminates against running quarterbacks such as Vick.

Sure he doesn't pass for a lot of yards or complete a high percentage, but that isn't his game. His game is making plays with his feet and winning games. His career record as a starter is 38-28-1 and 2-2 in the playoffs, which isn't too bad if you ask me.

If he could find an offensive coordinator that would tailor a system to his strengths, instead of trying to jam a round peg in to a square hole by making him a "pocket passer," then everything would be fine for him.

Whether you agree with what he did or not, you can't argue with the fact that he is an incredible athlete and a winner on the football field.

  • paul

Sometimes its not what you do, but how you do it.

Hard to compare Stallworth and Vick's actions. One was boneheadedly poor judgement with horrific consequences, the other was taking pleasure in the exploitation and torture of a living being - for years.

Tough call -- one seems to have goofed on society's expectations...the other seems to have calculatedly ignored and/or trampled all over what society values for their own gratification.