Eagles release Mallett

Either way, IF Mallett comes back to the Lions, we will trade him or Robertson for some help on the line. Either way, we will still have a great RB and get help where we really need it!

George Hudson for Jamal Robertson? Please!
I say this becauce i assume the lions will have a higher price for Mallet.

  1. Mallett was recalled off waivers so he's not going to be available anytime soon.
  2. If Mallett is released again and clear waivers he will be a free agent because the Lions released him so he could join the Eagles.

If another team really wants him, I expect they'd try to sign him outright...rather than let BC sign him, and then try to make a trade for him. I'm just sayin...

Not happening George would Retire 1st .. He settled him Hamilton and this could be it for him

Not sure of this /b/ you speak of... but that is a South Park reference from 1998. It's from the Underpants Gnomes episode


While Mallett is technically a free agent in the CFL, he had a special clause in his contract with BC, where the Lions would tear up his 3-year contract if he got a contract offer from the NFL after his first season. I would not be surprised if there is another "special clause" between the parties which ties Mallett to BC if his NFL tryout fails, or at least gives the Lions the right to match offers from other CFL teams, keeping him in Vancouver.

A "special clause" like that would not be enforceable since he was released by the Lions. He could have given his word to the Lions that he would give them first chance to sign him if he was cut but too many times money trumps a player's word.

However it is all MOOT since Mallett was recalled off waivers by the Eagles. He is NOT available to anyone in the CFL.

Gentlemen’s agreements - not written contract clauses, which would not be enforceable or compliant with the CFLPA/CFL collective agreement.