Eagles release Mallett

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Martell Mallett has been released. TSN has a video report about it too but nothing in print on their website yet. The Lions released Mallett so that would mean he's a free agent if he's not picked up by another NFL team. So do you think he'll be back with the Lions or will he entertain offers from other teams if he's not claimed.

Not really sure BC needs him, they have a good replacement in Robertson. He might be out of a job when he comes back.

Not for long. Robertson is 33. Wally’d be nuts to say no if he wanted back to BC. Interesting thing though, BC gave him his release, so he could go anywhere.

I’d take him in a second.

1 - Take back Mallett
2 - trade Robertson for a good O-lineman
3 - ???

Taking back Mallett is a no-brainer. As for the trade, I don't think there's much of a market for 33 year old import tailbacks.

Haha, wasn't expecting to see another /b/rother on here.

Hamilton might have interest in Robertson. Age or not, he's exactly the kind of bruising north-south tailback they need.

I'd LOVE to have him here.What we would trade to get him, I don't know.Would you like Chris Bauman?Please? puppy dog eyes


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i heard a rumor mallett signed with montreal.

Why would Obie trade for Robertson when he could try to sign Mallett without giving up anything?

That rumour is wrong. Mallett won't clear waivers in the NFL for 10 days. He won't sign with any CFL team until that happens. Besides, why would Montreal sign Mallett when they have Cobourne and why would Mallett sign with Montreal when they have Colbourne.

A Philadelphia reporter apparently tweeted that Mallett has been recalled by the Eagles.

How about we wait a week and see before getting all wrapped up in rumors?

No kidding. :expressionless:

From the blog of Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The Eagles continued to make and unmake roster moves. First, rookie running back Martell Mallett was cut Saturday so the team could bring back veteran linebacker and special teams ace Tracy White, in the wake of the trade that sent Joe Mays to Denver. Then, Sunday, the team yanked Mallett back from waivers and cut running back/fullback Dwayne Wright. Why not just cut Wright instead of Mallett the first time? Maybe there was enough waiver interest in Mallett for the Birds' brass to think they might get someone to trade something for him.

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If the Lions are this smart as I don't think they are right now and as Artie alludes in the previous post, for sure this is the long-term better option and possibly for the second half of the season IMHO.

Even so Robertson is dazzling and his age is just a number quite frankly. Furthermore they have Jamall Lee to groom already in either case.

All the same I would not be surprised to see the Lions do the opposite to test the market for Mallett and just stick with Robertson who is really in the groove and a star on a failing team. It would seem foolish to disrupt that momentum, and it looks to me like Robertson still has gas in the tank for a few more seasons too.

I don't see Mallett ending up somewhere else in the NFL in a back-heavy league right now, and even if so he won't be playing much if at all though of course the money would sure be great. Philly or out of the NFL would be my guess.