Eagles pass on Garcia....

The Canadian Press

2/26/2007 11:12:31 PM

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Former CFL star Jeff Garcia is disappointed he never got a contract offer from the Philadelphia Eagles after leading them to five straight wins and a playoff victory following Donovan McNabb's season-ending knee injury.

"I was surprised I wasn't offered a contract. There was never anything to negotiate over," Garcia said Monday in an interview with Comcast SportsNet. "We never know what it would've amounted to. It wasn't about the money. It was about being in a great situation."

The Eagles agreed to a three-year contract extension with backup quarterback A.J. Feeley on Sunday, eliminating the chance Garcia would return to Philadelphia. Garcia, who turned 37 on Saturday, will become a free agent Friday.

"We just wanted to have a reasonable opportunity to be respected, to be appreciated for what took place last year," Garcia said. "Are there other reasons why I wasn't offered a contract? We'll never know."

A three-time Pro Bowl quarterback in San Francisco, Garcia revived his career in Philadelphia. He completed 61.7 per cent of his passes for 1,309 yards, 10 touchdowns and two interceptions.

The Eagles were 5-5 and seemingly out of the playoff picture when McNabb tore a knee ligament on Nov. 19. But with Garcia leading the way, they captured their fifth NFC East title in six years and advanced to the second round of the playoffs.

Garcia played under a one-year contract after miserable one-year stints in Cleveland and Detroit. His hard-nosed, gritty style quickly made him a fan favourite in Philadelphia.

Interesting. Without anyone knowing the full situation, I am thinking it might have to do with Garcia actually being too good if you will, meaning that it might be uncomfortable with him there to really have McNabb do his thing in his own way and Feeley develop under this. Jeff is a high octane guy and his exuberance might be looked upon as a distraction for McNabb and Feeley. Just my take on this and why he wasn't negotiated with. It will be interesting what other offers come his way in the NFL.

Too bad for Garcia ... guy goes out and proves himself and then gets dumped ... that sucks. Hopefully he finds another team, and I'm sure he will.

Have to agree with Canuckev. I hope Garcia hooks up with another team. I don't understand the logic of some of the NFL Coaches. Remember a few years back,that "stiff" Brad Johnson? Every time Flutie came in he did well, but they always went back to Johnson.

Same thing with Garcia. Pro Bowl QB, and now what???? Chopped Liver? Maybe someone can point out what I am missing here.


I see Tampa Bay signed Garcia.

Yup. Oh well. I know nothing about the Bucs. Is Garcia going to be able to challenge for the starting position?

Under Gruden, who knows, The Bucs also signed Jake Plummer, but there is talk Plummer may retire.

He could end up starting.

Plummer did Retire

What is the latest on garcia?
Anybody Got any ideas?
or Info?