Eagles and Vick

Brutal play calling by Reid and Vick, yes injured, but he's still no better than a just above average qb. But the o coordinator for the Eagles should be fired, way too conservative earlier on in this one with the short yardage. Like the Ticats this year. :wink:

Good on the Packers, the better team overall today.

AFter the good start by the packers, I think the eagles proceded to give them the game, what with poor play by Vick, missed fg's, etc.

Some of the packers play calling was suspect as well. Like when they would run start up the right side 2 or 3 times in a row.

Of course, had jones not dropped that one probable TD, it might have been a whole different game.

I wish the packers were going to chicago because I think they could beat them, if they played like they were before today.

I used to live there, so like last year when the Eagles lost in the first round, it is going to be one angrier than usually constipated angry week in Philadelphia.

David Akers is an excellent kicker historically, and there is no excuse for not making those kicks at 41 and 34 yards as a pro.

Even so itโ€™s not as if Philly did not find ways to poop the bed including by allowing some guy named James Starks to run all over them. :roll:

Knowing Philadelphia for what it is and is not after having lived and worked there, and yes they are so mean they did once boo Santa Claus including the former governor Ed Rendell in the stands for that game in 1968, I wish Vegas had a line on the Eagles re-signing Vick because they will though it will cost them!

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Found this article on M. Vick.