Eagle Keys Remembered

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All best wishes to the Eagle Keys family.....a Rider legend that will always be remembered.

There's a name I remember for sure. :thup:

Wow. The Eagle. What a terrific character. So old-school. To use the time-worn cliche, “They sure don’t make them like that anymore.” One of the all-time CFL greats. RIP Coach.

I remember Eagle had a policy that he would not allow heaters on the sidelines for his players. He thought that players would be focussed on the heaters and not the game. It bears noting that during his time so many great coaches have a shared history with both "green" teams, Keys, Lancaster, Campbell.

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I agree Earl !

One of the funniest quotes I remember was when Eagle was Coach of the BC Lions and was being interviewed after losing their fourth game in a row by the late Al Davidson of CKNW.

[i]Davidson : " Well Eagle that was a tough loss. What happened tonight?"

Keys : " Well Al, the other team scored more points than we did."

Davidson : " What are you going to do to turn this slide around? "

Keys : "Well Al, we're going to try and score more points than the other guys, and hopefully that will be enough to get us the win."[/i]RIP Eagle!

a little before my time but by the sounds of it's guys like this is what make the CFL such a great league.

He was definitely an old-school classic ... Glad you've picked up on the spirit of the history OilerRocker. Younger fans like you will keep our game alive. Just like young fans and players always have.

I'm 46 thanks for calling me a younger fan. Best Christmas present EVER !