Each teams most underated Starter?

BC- Hladik
EDM- ?
SASK- Teitz
WIN- Holm
CAL- Bell (backup, but should be a starting tackle)
HAM- Woodmansey
OTT- Hogan-Seguin
TOR- Metchie
MON- Deqouy


BC - Woody Baron - He’s invisible thanks to Mathew Betts.

EDM - Tre Ford - Too bad Chris Jones wasted this guy’s talent.

SASK - DeMarcus Christmas - Nobody appreciates Christmas enough these days.

WPG - Greg McCrae - This ball of fire was on the practice roster until last week.

CAL - Jake Maier - He’ll be underappreciated until Malik Henry and Jalen Philpot get healthy.

HAM - Taylor Powell - He might surprise us all.

OTT - Tyrrell Pigrome - He’s their best QB. They just don’t know it yet.

TOR - Andrew Harris - The greatest Canadian RB of all time must have SOMETHING left in the tank.

MTL - Jeshrun Antwi - starting him would allow Montreal to start one more American O-Lineman.

Holm & McCrae are both good options, but both may be on the PR when we are fully healthy.
I’m going to go with 2 guys that might be past their prime, but when they are on they are right up there with the best in the league: Kyrie Wilson & Jackson Jeffcoat

Some might say they are not underrated at all, but according to at least 1 poster we should be looking for better options, that screams under rated IMO.

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DT Josh Banks - B.C.

Doesn’t get much recognition except by his peers. Not big stats-wise but does everything well and frees up the ends.