EA Sports presents CFL 2009 for XBox 360 and PS3

Ok it's kinda CFL for 360 and PS3. It's the next best thing.

For CFL fans, the biggest news in gaming this month came out of EA with it's NCAA10 create a school program. Now I know many of you Madden gamers like myself who spent countless hours creating the CFL on former versions of Madden that allowed it, don't have to read very far between the lines to see what that means for us CFL fans who want to play with CFL teams.

If you don't know, the game allows you to create teams online then you or anyone else to download them to your 360, PS3 etc.

The website has already been real busy, with about 10 people working on seperate Roughrider Rosters. The best so far is the one done by "stevenson_44"

This to me is the biggest news in Gaming in 2009 and it will give EA and the CFL a free test of interest in CFL gaming.

You can build your CFL teams now (or wait for someone else to do it for you) and download the entire league when the game gets released on July 15.

my marketing Idea:
EA Sports brings you "Doug Flutie's CFL Football 2009" with Smilin Hank on the Cover. And Lancaster on the back to represent the historic teams.

I Rather see a Game for my PC then the 360 or PS3

What about stadium graphics? my biggest pet peeve is when I'm playing a CFL game I made on madden and for example I have Winnipeg playing Saskatchewan in a 90, 000 seat stadium. The day there are realistic stadium sizes will make me very happy.

And the downs, I hate playing with 4 downs...

The downs are of course 4, but the stadiums are more customizable than ever before.

An idea I was thinking about in regards to a CFL video game but I didn't want to start another thread. If the UFL actually sticks around for longer than a season perhaps the two leagues could join forces to have EA create a "Pro Football 2010". In Canada have a CFL player on the cover and in the States have a UFL player on the cover. Have each league playing their own rules but you could have CFL teams taking on UFL teams playing either rules leagues or a mixture of both. It would hopefully satisfy EA in that you could definately sell more games in the States with American teams in the game.

The CFL needs to step up and spend the money to get this done. I can't see how you wouldn't get a decent return on your investment. It would be awesome exposure for the league. They have wasted so much money in the past ,bailing out teams that are on the verge of folding .Usually because the owner they approved was a moron. The game would be a instant hit and would be great timing for the league, especially now that the NFL is trying to get it's claws in to Toronto.

The Only CFL game i would consider playing is one designed with all cfl dimensions and rules in place , as madden plays like a nfl game a cfl game should be CFL all the dif angles for defence and pass routes and the Rouge :thup: Commisioner Cohon could be looking into this untapped marketing oportunity!! how about a fan poll or petition to get the CFL moving on the Video Game for its fans and Future fans.! IMO a retro play mode with all the CFL greats is what i would like to see.

you will not see an independent cfl game in the near future. it's been said before and I'll say it again, the market isn't big enough to justify spending the amount of money invested in game development. The cfl's main audience is based mainly in one country, not like the nfl that has a worldwide presence and market. You may say that it would sell maybe 3 million copies(someone said this on this board before) because that's the average cfl fanbase but only so many of them would have a ps3,xbox etc.

I also had the idea mentioned above of joining forces with another professional league, potentially the UFL but i couldn't see it as a sure thing because that league has yet to play a down and with only four teams it wouldn't have the biggest appeal either. If the AFL resurrects itself that would probably be the best option. When/IF EA stops using the Madden title for their football game in the future maybe then EA would consider making a 'pro football' game

IMHO if a authentic CFL game were properly done it would be a good marketing investment to get into the U.S market,for the CFL IE promote the almamaters of the american cfl players

Clearly nobody here understands just how much it costs to produce a video game these days. Technology wise and getting player rights... it all costs way too much and EA would only lose money.

To the guy saying he wants to see NCAA 10... sorry to tell you but the days of PC video games are numbered because of skyrocketing costs and low profits. Time to get a console.

I believe that a low budgeted game CFL game could work, something very similar to the Arena Football Games that EA used to make. If EA Canada were to do the project, it would even allow for it to be developed in country, and not force EA to take time from its main franchises. While this could work, I believe that it should be an every other year installment, because I do not think that the market could sustain an every year franchise.