EA made a CFL game. Sort of. (Don't get your hopes up).

Madden’s Developers Built a Working Canadian Football Game—but Don’t Look For It Anytime Soon

Canadian football—with 12 men to a side, longer and wider fields, and the single point for touchbacks—is feasible within technology available to Madden NFL's developers. Back in April, I was told that some developers once built a working CFL game internally, with uniforms and helmets skinned using NCAA Football's TeamBuilder tools.


[url=http://kotaku.com/5916481/maddens-developers-built-a-working-canadian-football-game++but-dont-look-for-it-anytime-soon]http://kotaku.com/5916481/maddens-devel ... ytime-soon[/url]


Getting CFL teams and an option to switch on Canadian rules in Madden would do exponentially more for Canadian foorball than would any stand-alone CFL game.

  1. Madden is an established franchise that sells millions of copies to gamers all over the world. It would expose millions more gamers (including Canadian gamers) to the CFL than would go out and buy a stand-alone CFL game.

  2. Madden is top quality, the prestige it brings would end any quality comparisons between the two games.

  3. CFL players would get to play as themselves... in frickin Madden! This equals more players willing to play in Canada.

  4. If I recall correctly, Madden shows where each player played university ball. Good exposure for the CIS football programs.

I'd buy a copy just on principle if they put the CFL in there as an option.

I'm with you on that. They really need to do it. I can't see that it would add much to the cost of producing the game.

nhl does it, fifa does it, why not madden?

Me three. I've never bought Madden and never would as is, but they'd gain new customers like me - and I'd buy a few for my son, brothers, curling friends, etc., for Christmas. But without CFL, they know where I am ... on the sidelines.

Even if it was an optional download I'd buy the next copy of Madden. I bought Madden 12 thinking I'd get a lot of use out of it but it just collects dust now. I really like the American game and the NFL but I'm more of a CFL fan. To me, being able to play as the BC Lions and challenge for a Grey Cup in a video game would be enough to entice me to drop $60 on another copy of Madden. I think that it would do better as an add-on to Madden than a stand alone as well.

Having the option to play the CFL would also bring more exposure to a younger generation and would truly reach out to a broader amount of young Canadians. It would help promote the history of the league and bring some much needed attention to the CIS. Does anyone remember the Vanier Cup in Vancouver in November?! That was one of the best football games played in this country and only half (if even half) of BC Place was filled. The Canadian game has a rich history and is a better quality game in my opinion. It needs to be showcased more and more awareness needs to be raised for it. Having it in an already successful football game would do wonders for the CFL. Football fans in Canada in cities that don't have franchises would learn more about the league and get more youth watching.

This debate has gone on for YEARS. Literally I've talked in forum threads just like this about CFL video games and piggybacking Madden since 2005.

The consensus seems to be that EA would gouge the CFL for an astronomical (WAY over 7-figures) fee to make it happen.

This new tidbit just proves my 7-year old assertion that adapting Madden for Canadian football is quite simple to do codewise, and lends real evidence to aforementioned consensus, as with any technical stumbling blocks out of the way, the only thing left to stop it from happening would be the price tag.

lol, while I don't disagree that EA would try to make the CFL pay for this, it's rather insane that the CFL would need to PAY EA to get MORE copies of madden sold.

There would be a lot of CFL who would buy madden that normally wouldn't, Madden sales would see a huge jump in Canada and probably end up as a top 10 selling game in Canada instead of not even on the top 20(at least in June 2010-2011 they weren't) that's a lot of extra $$ for EA, which realistically should partially go to the CFL/PA for licensing.
Too bad EA isn't bright enough to make it happen.

Canada is a tiny market on the world scale. The CFL is a very small demographic in the global eyes of EA. If the CFL demographic was big enough, someone else would have made a CFL game by now. Even the CFL head office admits that the CFL being such a niche market is the reason no one will make a CFL game.

EA on the other hand, already has the game engine, and only needs to make minor mods to piggyback the CFL into Madden. However, they know that the extra profit is not large to them and so don't need the CFL, yet the potential marketing exposure is HUGE for the CFL and so the CFL needs EA.

Supply and demand dictates. EA completely controls the supply and CFL has HUGE demand, and so EA bends them over a barrell. The CFL is in the absolute WORST bargaining position imaginable.

And that's why it won't happen.

Australia, an even smaller market, has had a game for Aussie Rules football For quite a while now... In the beginning it was even done by EA. According to wiki anyway. So "small market" is a pretty poor excuse.