EA loves the CFL

in NFL head coach quincy carter is rated with a max of 79, good enough to start on some teams.

so if he was beaten out by Nealon Green...

hehehe …

Seriously, I think it’s time for EA to incorporate a CFL option into their madden series. If we can’t get our own game, then at least include this.

And hey, this way NFL fans would still be able to play with Ricky Williams :wink:

i agree in the next madden game they should take out the europe teams and put in the CFL teams

the difference between adding Europe, and adding CFL, is the different rules. They would have to add almost a whole new program to have the CFL.

No they wouldn't. They'd have to adjust some of the rules and the stadia, and add new playbooks, but that's much simpler than creating a whole new game.

Madden kinda sucks anyways.

It would be a little complicated to set up forward motion and pre-snap receiver stunts... also, they would have to make an animation for users running into the fork!


rather have a complete different separate CFL game thanks.

It isn't that easy to change a game to run with a completely different set of rules. Of course, it does depend on how EA wrote the game. IF the rules are stored in a separate file, and are just added as needed, than they could add the CFL rules relatively easily, and would just have to update a small amount of the code, and a larger amount of the graphics.

If, OTOH, the rules were built into the code, they would need to re-write huge portions of the game in order to enable CFL rules.

They might as well make a brand new game. Incorpotating it into madden would mean making fields 110 x 65, 3 downs, fair catch, you name it. There's alot to change in the gameplay. On that note 2007 comes out in less than 2 weeks.

First post woo!

Seriously, it wouldn't be that hard for the entire EA team, full of nuclear engineers and rocket scientists to adjust the rules, A single guy did a football game (called maximum football), and with simple clicks you can choose the rules, from CFL, to NFL, to Arena football, you can even mix rules from one another. ok, the graphics are crappy, but it's only one guy that did that, alone...imagine what EA could do.

if they don't use the rules they use in NFLE, then I doubt they will for the CFL, unless it's cheat codes.

EA could do it, but would they be willing to put in the money to do it right?

Probably not, the market for a CFL football game is way too small to actually invest anything in it, sadly. If the american expension of the mid 90's would have worked, then maybe, but we can forget about it now.

Well, if Capcom keeps remaking the same fighting game every time with a few changes (which has become ridiculously expensive nowadays), CFL might just the green light from EA or 2k.

I would think that adding a CFL option to an NFL game would be a lot cheaper than making a (similar-quality) stand-alone CFL game ... which is why I think it would be good to have it in Madden. Plus, some Americans would inevitably end up playing some CFL games, and it could lead to more American CFL fans ...