according to cbc sports riders gm admitted himself to hospital with apparent chest pains and will not accompany team to vancity.

get on riders site and give your best wishes to a great person-E.T.

         city legend

Edit: Poor taste

Thats too bad for ET hopefully its nothing.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story/2007/11/16/tillman-hospital.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story ... pital.html[/url]

There is the link

BobbyP and Sportsman, you guys should hold seminars for some BC fans in how to act.

Best wishes to E.T., I hope he finally gets to phone home.

Also best wishes to Eric Tillman, such a shame you cannot make it to the game :s I hope for a quick recovery.

Its only football. There are more things to worry about than what someone says here. I like to cause some shit too but its still just football and everyone shouldnt get so worked up about it. Its actually too bad S&M and myself are for the same team cause it would be fun to go up against him he would be a worthy advesary.

Seriously, mods, can I call him an idiot?

Terrible news for the Riders. But fortunately it doesn't sound like it was too serious.

Its posts like this that justifies my worst list.. this is, by far, the worst post I've ever read in this forum, and that is saying something.

I wish ET all the best and a speedy recovery.

what a releif. For a sec, I thought this was about Emmanuel Tolbert. whew

Im disappointed FYB, I thought you were better than this.. your posts in my thread leads one to believe that you have more class ... :expressionless:

truth is, I expect tillman to be ok. Thats usually the case in this scenerio from what I can tell. Its also true that Tolbert was who I first thought of when I read the title. One more truth, as long as Tillman is actually ok, I am not gonna care that he has a little pain, same pain I have experienced I might add. Anyone who disses Paopao is not someone I am gonna feel to sorry for.

OTOH - if he were to be serious, then I would truly feel for his family.


SM..that was: out of 10, a minus 100. I suggest you take a break and go do your homework. Clearly, you do not understand the severity of Chest Pain. Go google it, and you will understand.

Eric Tillman...hope it is not the worse case scenario, and that you can hop out here and stand by your team. We, and I mean WE are all pulling for you!

its good they ruled out him having had a heart attack however chest pains are more often then not a warning sign of clogged arteries which does require urgent medical care. If it was just heartburn they would have giving him zantac and let him keep moving - the fact they sent him home means there could be more - what ever it is hopefully it is treated quickly and successfully.

My families prayers are with the Tillman family in these hours.


Lighten up its a joke. Have I ever been in good taste?

I hope Tillman is going to be fine too. Its only a game and his health and family are much more important.

Maybe its a sinister ploy to rally the team to win won for the Gipper um er Tipper?

I hope he's going to be OK and is well enough to watch the game. With any luck it's only stress related and he'll make a full recovery.

Best wishes to E.T and his family.

Wonder how ACs wifes doing?

Yeah I see the humour, but you really have crossed the line. Your humour has gone from razz, to offensive, to blue and now just plain inconsiderate to anything but your own entertainment value. Check yourself, SM.

In the CFL world he may be a Pi$$sant, but in the real world he is someone's father, brother or son.

maybe you should apologize and keep your posts from being that distasteful before you get banned. really, when it comes to someone's health, it's not a joke, and it's not funny