One thing this team needs desperately , besides a new front office and much-improved talent, is a COACHING STAFF with EMOTION.
Do these guys do all their sleeping during games or is someone lacing their Gatorade with Prozac ?
An old "truism" is that a coaches personality is reflected in the teams on-field play. Remember Ralph Sazio ? His kind of team ( real TIGERS! ) Don Matthews ? Pinball ? These guys inspired their teams...they had the respect of their players...but they were also FEARED by them. Have you ever noticed any of our guys go to the sidelines with their head down in remorse or the Fear of God in their eyes for what they are about to catch for (another) bonehead play ? Uh-uh. When Anderson was pulled from the field ( imagine that!) for the 2nd of two totally foolish mistakes, we watched him go straight to Taaffe , PUT HIS ARM AROUND HIM and TELL THE COACH his story ! What is this Charlie...Sensitivity Class??? Just for a second, picture Anderson doing his thing only having to go to the sideline to face....VINCE LOMBARDI !!! or BILL COWHER or (Giants days) BILL PARCELLS or (Flashback !) JUNGLE JIM TRIMBLE !
To add insult to injury, does Anderson get cut or suspended for play detrimental to the team ( let alone the paying fans) ? Oh no, just sent home "to sort himself out". Gimme a break !
What kind of message do you think this sends to the team ? Ho-hum,dont worry about messing up...its not that important.
When the incident occurred,Taaffe should have been the very first 60+yr.old,blue-eyed, CFL coach to attain Earth Orbit !
This same lack of reaction to mistakes
... by both players and assistant coaches... has been a constant all season, from all coaches.Of course, it could be that they`re afraid to challenge the players for fear the players may do a "Zeke" and defend their play as a result of a coaching error or deficiency.
How many of those have we witnessed this season... "Too Many Men" anyone ?
Put someone on the sidelines who motivates ( read : "a..kicks") and watch what happens . Dwight might not like it , but the fans will.

You may have a point, especially in relation to Taafe.

When he was pursued by Desjardins, Taafe was characterized by Marcel as a no-nonsense, drill sergeant coach. I haven't seen any of that this season. In fact, he's very much the opposite...never yelling at players who deserve to be yelled at, never benching or cutting players who deserve to be benched of cut, cracking jokes at pre-game news conferences instead of being properly focused in a serious way.

I guess Young has told Taafe that his job is safe. And consequently, Taafe thinks he's on vacation, not living under the pressure to win every 2007 game (that he should be).

If this team doesn't post a win in the first three games next year, "likable gramps Taafe" should be shown the door.

I've never noticed that before but you may be on to something. I do know that if I screwed up, I'd hate to be walking back to a sideline where I knew someone like Doug Berry, Wally Buono, Kent Austin or Pinball was waiting for me. I've actually seen Pinball slap guys on the helmet after a bonehead penalty or the like.

An Argo-Cat fan

yeah it really worked for marshall. lol. i think there is a fine line between discipline and a loud mouth. i agree discipline is needed but Marshall is living proof that contorting your face and screaming can also be tuned out if over used.

If a coach wants players to focus on not making mistakes
yelling at them DURING GAMES is NOT the way to do it.

Their attention is just as likely to focus on
how angry they feel about being yelled at

Players don't plays better when they're angry and uptight
despite Jason Maas' views to the contrary.

Save any of that for the practice field.


To paraphrase how Charlie describes himself

'I don't yell at the players, I correct them with enthusiasm.'

I have seen him do that very vociferously
at Training Camp and on the practice field.

Seems to me a coach named Tom Landry was very passive on the sidelines and it worked for him .

If you dont have the horses then you can`t WIN !!! It`s as simple as that , Marshall didnt have them and either does Taffe . 

Taffe has a good core group to work with next season and they will build on that and we`ll have a good team next season . A whole new coaching staff would not help our group of recievers and DBS !!!

I think this city is getting soft! If you played like these guys back 20 years ago you would be labeled as banned from any bar in town! Then it got clear to them thatthis is serious if they want to feel welcome for free wings and beer again!