E-Camp this Weekend

The other problem for Turner is he didn't set the CIS on fire with his returns. Special teams are not exactly high level in the CIS due to time compression and limitations on field practice time if he can be an elite returner in the CFL he should have been able to make a serious mark on college special teams. We don't know how well he judges the ball, his ability to missdirect and change direction... I think he's ranked way higher than where he will be drafted.

Compare that to the best returner I've seen in the CIS Gary Ross and his 242 avg. yards per game ! Who has decided to go to med school instead of playing in the CFL.

[url=http://athletics.mta.ca/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=591]http://athletics.mta.ca/modules.php?nam ... ge&pid=591[/url]