E-Camp Profile on Simeon Rottier

With the CFL Evaluation Camp coming up this weekend, here is the link to a cfl.ca E-Camp profile on offensive tackle Simeon Rottier, the potential first choice overall in the 2009 CFL Canadian Draft:


kid could be a Monster just don't start him on our QB Blind Side

Gauthier has that job.

I'm pretty sure Rottier plays the other side.

For those two reasons, Rottier will be a Ticat (first pick overall) come draft day.

I agree. We really need OL and DL quickly to be successful. Rottier would be the best possible pick for the ticats. Not only would he fill up a key position for us but he's also a non-import player which helps the ratio. As for DL we shouldn't sign too many imports to that position. That's where faults come in most of the time, trusting imports at key positions when they aren't familiar with the CFL rules, etc. I have alot of faith that this year is a play-off year for the ticats. Go cats go!!!!!!

I am probably wrong here...but something tells me Rottier, if he does not end up in the NFL (I am sure Cal Murphy is vouching for him), he would be hard to keep in Ontario. He gives me the impression he would be like a Gene Makowski or Dan Komisky who would stay near home out west & help with the farm...he just seems like a good ol' western kid..

I'm pretty sure if you're willing to pay the cash Rottier will play on the north pole.

Money talks in the CFL, and it has nothing to do with selfishness and everything to do with survival. I'm sure if we REALLY want Rottier and he pans out to be a good player we'll find a way to keep him.

You can't just not pick a player because of where he was born.


Although his E-Camp results are a little concerning. 19 reps is not all that impressive in comparison to the 23 several other prospects threw up. Could be a bad day for him or perhaps he compensates with his footwork. It's still a little surprising from the #1 prospect OL.

Why are we already having this rookie starting at Tackle ? Why dont we let the guy come into camp and get his feet wet . He will be facing much smarter ,bigger , faster and stronger players than he has ever faced . Also the other teams will be trying to attack this guy to get to the QB with formations that he has never seen before . Please let the guy be a rookie !!!!

I hope you're not talking about our D-Line like that... If you are, I think you're misleading these kind Tiger-Cat fans... :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, couldn't resist...