E-Camp 2012

Doesn't seem to be as much hoopla this year... lost in the shuffle with everything else going on?

The big difference is that Duane Ford seems less involved. Duane was the main media force hyping the event.

i know i sound like a broken record every year(sorry for the dated expression) but it would be nice if TSN would broadcast it. even as a tape delay late in the night on TSN2.

It does seem a little lost. I would think with some of the high profile college students again this year they would put some more jam into it.

I think the last thing they need right now with e-camp is providing free access to NFL scouts...

Instead, they should do a proper broadcast of the actual draft. The broadcast is dryer than toast and this coming from a diehard CFL fan and draft nut...
I hope gogogos (I think that's the handle anyways) post his evaluations of the players at E-camp again this year. They were very informative in the past.

Here is the link for all E-Camp going on's.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/e-camp-preview-prospects-aim-to-take-next-step]http://www.cfl.ca/article/e-camp-previe ... -next-step[/url]

Everyone seems to have their eye on Quinlan, Plesius, Heenan and Aprile.

Ah E-Camp...the first sign of spring :smiley:

Am I really the only person paying attention to E-Camp this year? :?

I've been checking it out, not paying really close attention to it, but a kid who is surprising me, and may get drafted a lot higher then any thought if he has a good day testing tomorrow too, and good one-on-ones and interview is another Sask DB in Keenan MacDougall, he has been testing unreal, top of the E-camp in broad jump, second in vert, and top DB in bench pushing out an impressive 23. Now I'm not sure how he covers, but if he does that well at the camp, I can see teams really wanting him in the draft!

I have followed it some. I think the main guys were as advertized. Heenan , Plesius, Pence. Some of the guys that imprroved their stock I think are Johnny Arpille, Mcdougall. The guy that really hurt himself the most is Arnaud Gascon-Nadon. Who showed up without equipment and refusing to participate in any drills not even the bench claiming a last minute pulled groin. but flying out to spring camp with Laval on Sunday. He was actually asked to leave. Here is a guy who's left his NCAA team, history of injuries and pulls this. Really killed his stock this weekend.

So no one really dominating the first day but probably 20 guys who are interesting prospects plus the juniors. This should be a good draft for most teams.

Heenan hurt and won't be competing in the one-on-one portion of the E-camp, don't think it will hurt him, as it seems he interviewed very well, and all the teams have a lot of film on him. It will be interesting to see what the Riders do with the #1 and 8 this year in the draft. If Heenan gets no NFL interest, he will taken #1, and look for Best to become available next year, or maybe even this year via trade. If Heenan gets interest, maybe they go with a WR at 1, and LB/DT/DE at 8?

Been following the Stats somewhat, that being said they are only numbers. However I've been more impressed with Keenan McDougall from Sask. Never really heard of him and don't know of him. But the numbers look good.

Anyone At E-Camp with some info on ANY players. Please share any scouting notes you have or anything at all...
(there was a guy the past couple ECamps that did HUGE write ups and maybe we just didnt thank him enough... Don't recall who it was but it was all awesome to read)


We should be thanking those of you who did present us with some notes on E-C. Hfx, interesting comment on that defensive end who did not impress. From the very limited info to-date, I had him pegged as a future Alouette. I hope we will be informed later with a Duane Forde article on TSN?

Nice e-camp However most of the EVENTS have little or No bearing of who can actually play football. Look at the past 10 years. The guy with heart and good football skills seems to do the best..

That's where one-on-one's and the interview come in for the E-Camp. The players, and the GM's take this very seriously on to who will make a good player on their team for the future.

Draft Stock up


Draft Stock Down
Arnaud Gascon-Nadon