Dylan 'the Sunshine Boy'

Hope For The Future

Eric Francis The Calgary Sun

Sept. 20 2007

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For Dylan to reach out
to Jay makes me so proud,"

said Kerry Atack of her inspirational son.

"We call Dylan our Forrest Gump because
anywhere there's excitement and activity,
he's there in the thick of things.

"We're very fortunate.

For every heartache we've had,
we've had 100 great experiences.

Through this we've learned there are
so many great people out there.

He's happy and productive, and
he reaches out to everybody.

Autism doesn't have to be
a devastating thing --

look how much joy Dylan brings."

now lets not go too far with the sunshine boy part :wink: ,honestly im just happy,i could reach out to someone who was in need of support,and wanted to let jay know he's not the only person on autisim planet with someone effected by it.

You guys will learn as you get older, as I have, that crying becomes much easier.
I'm unashamedly sitting now with a tear in my eye.

Rarely do we see stories of such simple down-to-earth compassion and caring.
Dylan is to be congratulated for his attitude and successes.

Gee, I promised myself to not post this week unless there was something really positive to latch onto.......well, this has got to be it....

Dylan, way to go you clown! :wink:


By the way, Dylan, I'll be watching the game on TV closely to see you on the sidelines, even if it's on the western end of the field.
You'll be the only guy there who has the support of ALL the players in the game.

(Even an official couldn't hope to have it that good.)

the interview on jackfm calgary station will be on 9:10am our time

You put it in perfects words "FORREST GUMP"

That's Dylan, always building those connections. :wink:

I'm as proud as a football mom could be of him. Keep up the great work, Dylan. We'll be voting for you for Prime Minister before we know it. :smiley:

That's my boy. Your football dad is very proud of you. You just keep being who you are and doing your thing. Dylan for PM, has a nice ring to it.

Way to go Dylan :rockin:

That was a nice thing to do Dylan. You have been an inspiration to our "David" and so many others as well.

We are glad to have you as our friend.

garry and sandy!

ch ch also interviwed me with mcneil this afternoon at walk thru,it will be on tomowow,and the spec also interviwed me,

the fame never ends :wink: heres the articale from the spec this morning

[url=http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20Sports/article/252102]http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20S ... cle/252102[/url]

Again, this has been an awesome story which has developed between both teams Dylan.....I've enjoyed following it all week. Remember the day you were teaching Priest Holmes of the Kansas City Chiefs the words to the Oskee Wee Wee chant?.....lol........and the day Danny Mac "stole" your bike in his practice gear and rode off on it?...funny stuff!

Having said all that I think it should be noted that it was Ron Lancaster that brought you into the Ticats family and put you to work for them. I know he's always spoken with admiration for you and how much of a hard worker you are.....Coach Kavis Reed also....and all the other coaches...You've always been a breath of fresh air for them when they are feeling down.....

Have a great game tonight on the Calgary bench you clown! :lol:

(spike their gatorade with laxatives ok?....hahaha)

Your buddy,