Dylan Steenbergen

What's up with Montreal giving up on him for two 6th rounders?

There were reports they tried to trade him to Winnipeg if I remember.. I think the rumour was Steenbergen + 8th overall for 4th overall.

What's happened that his value has fallen so far since then? Why is Montreal, after investing two years in his development, trading a former 1st rounder for two 6ths? Why are they so desparate to get rid of him, as offering him twice and ultimately accepting a deal of two 6ths (and giving up a neg. list player to boot) would seem to suggest? Was he just not going to make the team for much longer so they took whatever they could get? He seemed like a pretty talented young NI OT. Anyone know more about his situation?

-He needed to play and was stuck behind Bourque, Perrett
-He makes close to a hundred grand

Als still have Matte, Bomben, Hasham on the team, Barrette back in the CIS and Phil Blake at Baylor

ahh.. I didn't realize his salary was so high. that makes more sense