Dylan Barker?

Howdy TiCat fans,

Does anyone know the status of Dylan other than he is on the nine game injured list?

With the recent play at safety we certainly could use a hard hitting hammer back there. I know he was making progress at the position. Hope he gets back soon so we can see the end of the constant tinkering with the DB's. That rotating back there doesn't let the guys settle down and get proficient in their spots.


Not sure what his status is, but I know that our secondary is still in a mess.

This is starting to look like another first round pick that hasn't panned out.


Just an observation but Dylan chooses to sit in the stands during games instead or with his injured on non game day roster teamates in the end zone.

I truly believe he is being hidden and has fallen from grace with the Defensive Coordinator.

Too bad, he was just coming into his own last season.

Dylan Barker is coming off the 9 game injury list on October 6,2011.


Sometimes in football, as in real life, it doesn't matter how good you are but how good others (DC?) think you are. I too noticed quite an improvement in his play last year and am dismayed to not seeing him play this year. :?

He still not feeling great Spoke to him a week ago
His back is still not right

he may be back on 9 game again to finish the year

Time to let him go to another team to become an all star. :wink:

In the preseason game against Toronto, he got blasted on a block. He was literally rocked. He idn't come back to the game and I'm pretty sure that's when the injury happened. The team says it's his back, but from a hit like that, it has to be a head injury. His brain was scrambled after that hit. People need to stop stiring the pot and saying that the coaches don't think he's good enough and that he's on his way out. His injury is legit.

I remember the hit being from the side, which, given the intensity of the hit, could have but severe stress on the spine and the back muscles. So it could in fact be a back problem.

You've got to feel for the guy. His first season lost to a broken leg that happened in pre-season, and this season lost to back spasms from a hit in pre-season, both in games against the Argh-os.

Next year, maybe he should give the pre-season a miss, especially the TO games. :expressionless:

8) The Cats had already made up their minds going into training camp that they were going to go with an Import safety
  this year.

  The fact that Barker got injured, has nothing to do with the situation.

   He wouldn't have been playing his safety position regardless.

While that is true, give the performance (or lack thereof) of the players we've had at safety so far this year, they might have rethought that decision if he had not been injured.

Or not.

You would think so, wouldn't you ? I don't expect Shivers to get many votes for safety on the Allstar team. . .

Hi Madjack:

Take a poll among the fans at the next home game, and I doubt Shivers would get many votes there either.

I would like to see Dylan Barker back at safety. I would think he would be an improvement over what we've seen so far.

He could certainly hit harder and tackle better than Shivers!

I agree with most of the comments. Dylan Barker looked as though he was about to have a breakout season last year. Regretably, it appears that he is injured and unable to play. However, Jason Shivers is clearly not the answer and moving a young guy like Hinds into that position only adds confusion to the defense. Hinds has been doing stellar work at the corner and being a Canadian can only benefit the team at that position. I'm puzzled; however, as to why Ray Wladichuk (another Canadian) has not been given more opportunity to gain valuable experience. If your defense is getting pushed all over the field (as in the last 2 games) wouldn't if make sense to insert your backups and give them some valuable learning experience? Maybe he has the same ailment as Shivers, allergic to form tackling (although I very much doubt it). Come on Coach Chamblin give a Canadian kid a chance to shine, I'm betting he will rise to the occasion