Dylan Barker

That's because they try to be objective in their analysis. Even Marcel pointed to that dropped INT. It was one of the turning points in a game that had a few of them. Loved his hard hit on one guy. The collision blew Barker's helmet off his head. I'm not saying it cost them the game, but it did cost them the ball and the Riders seemed to wake up after that. He should have been playing as far back as last year and why he wasn't is still a mystery to me.

I felt the some could be said about JJ on Wes Cates. It looked to me like he saw Cates was in the crosshairs, and if he would have looked up he might have taken an INT to the house. Instead he goes for the big hit, which Cates spun off of. Durant's pass wasn't off target or anything, but it was a very similar play. Neither were plays that caused the Cats to lose.

I wouldn't put much into what Marcel is saying anymore, he says the wrong thing game after game and I think he is just trying to cover his ass.

It's unfortunate, but there just doesn't seem to be much interest in CFL up here anymore. Even when the Renegades were here, it was "Oh, they're playing tonight?" Makes me wonder how much support there will be if the city actually does get another team. (Sorry, off topic.)