Dylan Barker

Not sure if it has been a topic of discussion but Barker has played very well on Special Teams this season. A highlight of his year so far was the forced fumble on BC’s return on Friday.

This kid will be a starter for the Cats eventually.

I have alot of faith in him and im sure he will become a starter on the defence

They is Reason He is called the Hammer

The kid is gonna be a stud. Every big play he makes on special teams just helps his confidence. He'll be a fixture at safety for this team soon.

Good Post, I agree he should be a future defensive fixture for the Cats

I like the fact that he's having to earn his spot at safety. It was unfortunate that he lost his entire first year to injury. There has been a lowd chorus of fans demanding that the job be given to Barker. Having to spend some time becoming a special teams ace, while learning the ropes at safety is going to be good for the kid in the long run. He builds confidence and gets used to the pro game. I think Marcel has done a great job with this guy so far, keeping his eye on the long term, and I'm really looking forward to seeing his progression into a full time starter and CFL All-star....

He must be doing something right as he was runner up for Special Teams player of the week. Not too shabby! Keep going Dylan

hes still basically a rookie considering his leg injury last year people have to give it time, he is unproven in the league but if he keeps playin like he is on ST by next year he might be getting SOME playing time

i still really like beveridge at safety even though evry1 else seems not to but i no that Barker will take his job sooner then later so im going to have to enjoy Beveridge when i can

And remember, future Hall a Famer Hitchcock didnt start until his 3rd year

Also, he is still a kid, He’s only 23 years old! I could see him beaing a VERRY good player! Infact the cats have a tone of yong talent! Thanks Obie :slight_smile:

Keep developing him, do not rush him, he will make mistakes. Beveridge is awesome, we are doing well at safety right now but the future is very bright with Barker!

With Beverage playing as well as he is and Barker being a 1st round pick, why not put Barker in at Jykine Bradley,s spot ? Barker is 6.3 Bradley is only 5.9 !!

What spot is that? Bradley is currently a back-up cornerback. So you want to see Barker playing cornerback because he's a couple of inches taller!!! Man, this place kills me....lol.

he,s 6 inches taller and your a mighty mouse troll lmao

Barker was fun to watch while with the UofS out here. I guarantee you, he is going to blow the doors off everyone once he gets his stride for you guys. He is fast, fast, fast and drills......

Just hang tight.....he is the next one.

While I'm here on the troll :slight_smile: , HAMMER THE CRAP OUT OF EDMONTON, CATS!!!!!!!! PLEASE! Demotivate Ricky Ray........I really hate that guy. I'm cheering for ya!!! :rockin:

It sure is nice to have the luxury of developing our young talent rather than rushing them in ASAP because we have no one else!

Well ain't that great. When you can't debate the point of your statement, why not get straight to the name-calling. Beautiful.

Besides being the most knowledgeable person in here he's a nice guy too....didn't even bother to point out the hideous spelling ("your" instead of you're)

Barker is right where he should be. If he was better than a starter he'd be starting.

Barker isnt starting because of the ratio, wich the Ticats are sticking to the guidline of a minimum number of non import starters, AS for defending your friend he was rude to me as have alot of you know it all grammer teachers have been, How come you all dont( sp, Bla Bla) push for the best players to be on the field when it relates to a nonimport?? the miss_match in size is a glaring example of the growing bias against ALL nonimports that is being promoted by trolls on this forum as well as promoting the no fun league, If your interested in seeing the best players then Barker and Beverage should be starting in the Ticats secondary, and thats My Opinion.

There is only one safety out there at one time, so one or the other has to sit on the bench. Barker is better off watching for now. He will be the future starting safety but for now lets enjoy the experience that Beveridge brings especially since we are doing well defensively.