Dylan Barker

Just curious if anyone has the latest on Dylan's status. Would love to see him back asap.

He was Around The Ticat Last week.
In Boot and Walking on Cruches.
All I know at this time

His status is that his leg is still broken. That kind of thing doesn't heal in a couple weeks. If he is back at all this year it will be late in the season. He won't be able to just start playing when it heals in 8 weeks or so. As with anyone who has broken a limb can account for you have to re-strengthen the arm/leg after its healed.

If he is back this year it won't be till week 15 or later. My guess is he won't play again till next season.

Giguere will play before Barker will this year.

Inside dope is that he's not back this year, so don't even go hoping for anything, his '08 year is done like dinner.
On the good side, he'll be back next year, and is really enthused with Hamilton.
Don't ask me where I got this, but take it to the Bank.

It's really too bad.

He was at Practices today Watching his Team Mates.

He Seem in a Great Mood for what he been threw.

Sounds like the kid has good character. Shame to lose him.

For those thinking it was a wasted draft, it won't turn out to be in the long run.

First off, we got Markeith Knowlton during the draft in exchange for Pick #9. As for Barker, he will be back next year. Giguere (or Jiggy as I will begin calling him) will most likely be here by September. Lavigne-Masse is on the practice roster, but he impressed in camp, and may have a future here, considering our aged import receivers (French and Woodcock).

All in all, still possibly the best draft in Tabby history. Just may have to wait a while longer to see it pay off.

Just correcting one thing, French is a non-import. If he wasn't, I don't think he'd be in the league anymore.

considering our aged import receivers (French and Woodcock).
I think this is just supposed to be NON-import since thats the stats of Lavigne, French and Woodcock.

sorry... non-imports I meant

Although it was an excellent draft, I wouldn't mind if the Cats don't get the first overall pick for awhile.

Long story in the Spec about Barker today

When I met him in training camp after their practices he seemed like a really down to earth kid. He reminds me a lot like Sandy Beveridge who is also a really nice guy. Our team needs guys like this and I hope we can keep them around for their entire careers. Both men are class acts.

I feel so bad for Dylan and hope he will come back stronger than ever.

Nice front page article Hamilton Spec today just a question boys how does it work with pay and medical when a player gets hurt in a pre season game he is on the active roster for 2008? does the team pay a injured player for the season, does the team help him through this? or is he going to be another Ray Thomas? it was shameful what happened to that Canadian kid he tried a comeback and the Ticats turned their back on him but I guess thats football and all players know the risks of the game :o and the


I'm pretty sure players on the injured list continue to receive whatever compensation is stipulated in their contract.

However, if the Cats (or any team) choose to release an injured player outright, I think it is treated just like an outright release for any reason, and the player is pretty much out in the cold (subject to whatever conditions the collective bargaining agreement stipulates re: the cutoff date for releasing veteran players, etc.)

In Barker's case I'm sure the Cats view him as an investment, since they spent the number one draft pick on him. Paying his salary while he recovers is the cost of keeping the CFL rights to him, even though he likely won't play this year.

I don't think the CFLPA has managed to negotiate much in the way of protection for injured players.

He wants to play this year…
If it was just Broken Leg I could see it.
Look List of Injury He has
Dylan has a fractured the fibula bone, dislocated the ankle, stretching ligaments

It is a Long Shot if He Plays this year.
If Every again.
But I am Pulling for The Kid.
He is something Special when you talk to him

He has long Road ahead of him.
Good Lock to Mr Barker
Maybe He will Pull it off and well See #20
This year or Next year.

If Football Dose not work out
He’ll be Singing this Song At Dential School


Well he'll be drilling someone whether it's in the backfield or the dentist's chair.

I don't know how realistic it is, but you gotta love the kid's dedication and optimism. I would love to see him back this year, but he shouldn't rush himself.

It is a Long Shot if He Plays this year. If Every again
Its a long shot if he ever plays again tom? its that bad?