Dylan Barker to the Hall of Fame

Seriously, I love the defense the Cats showed us last night reminded me of years back when our defense would dominate the apposing team. The Boatmen thought they would romp over us and our team sent them home limping, were they over confident or were we that good, maybe both. :thup: :smiley:

Yes catfish, DB did play an excellent game, you were going to get around to that I assume. :wink:

Yes he did play a good game but I thought our hole defence was great last night and won us the game. I was just poking a little fun at Dylan like the Players were after his interception. I want to talk about our whole defence. They sure deserve some recognition. :thup: ITS A JOKE LADS :oops:

Here is all Dylan needs:


Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

The Hall of Fame will continue to be open regular hours during the construction to city hall. For easy access to the Hall make sure you enter from MacNab Street and Jackson Street.

Admission Rates:

Adult $7.00
Student $3.50
Senior $3.50
Family $16.00 (limit 2 adults 2 children)
Children under 5 are Free

Present a CFL, CIS or CJFL game ticket and receive $3.00 off an Adult & $1.00 off Senior and Youth admission (one ticket per discount)

Admission passes make great gifts for friends, relatives, co-workers and any other football fan you may know.


58 Jackson Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 1L4

http://www.cfhof.ca/page/contacthall ;)


Get back to me in ten years. I am a big fan of the kid, but baby steps before one is Henley revisited. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,


Oski -- Thanks for delivering my morning smile.
While he managed to keep that 4th QTR one from falling out of this basket, Barker's mitts kept him from what should have been another INT -- late in the 1st QTR -- a pass for Copeland went right through Barker's hands above his head.

Correcting myself. After re-watching the game, those hands were Dennis', with Barker there in support.

A bit premature, but Barker is really starting to come into his own. LOL nice one Russ.

I remember many years ago, probably too many, when opposing teams dreaded coming into our house because of the powerful defense. Many times they limped out of here wishing they'd never come. Last night was great to see again as the way it used to be.

I'm fairly certain that the play you're talking about went through Dennis's hands, not Barker's.

Barker is rounding out to be a fine safety.
I bet every GM Obie talks to tries to pry Barker way.
That Hinds kid has alot of game in him too!

The entire secondary played amazingly well again this week. Three interceptions (almost four), three knockdowns (including one by Beswick - nice to see the guy get some reps out there), only two passes with any kind of YAC, and only one long pass and that was on a broken play. Only ten passes completed into the secondary all game; the rest were short dump passes, and all but one of those was wrapped up right away.

Shivers? Bradley? Who are they again? :wink: I'm wondering if they might find it hard to break back into the line-up the way these guys are playing.

Hopefully I still feel this way after next week's game.... :expressionless:

You're right Blogskee. The replay showed me that and I corrected myself here three posts above you.

Sorry, I didn't see that. I wouldn't have written it if I had seen your post.