Dylan Barker- The Best Choice

With the first overall pick in the 2008 CFL draft, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats select (dramatic pause) Dylan Barker, safety, Saskatchewan. Words we will likely hear in less than 24 hours. I believe Dylan Barker is the consensus number one pick now for a variety of reasons.

The first being he is probably the best player available. He has good size and GREAT speed. 4.54 is extremely fast for a safety, especially one of his size. 4.54 is even fast for the NFL. He posses great leaping ability, ball skills, and is an excellent hitter.

The second is, he fills probably our biggest area of need in the secondary. Even if he is not able to play right away he will be a great special teamer right off the bat, and probably lead the team in special teams tackles as a rookie. He also has some versatilty, if you can put 30 pounds on him he can move into the box and play linebacker.

The third being he is able to play right away. Giguere and Shologan will not be available until labour day.

Some other draft moves we should make. Giguere or Shologan may be worth the 8th pick who ever fits a bigger need. One or both will be back by labour day, and will be impact players in the future. If we cannot get Giguere, Bradwell will be a great impact. I also wouldn't mind seeing a trade up to the 5th pick to pick up Emry, as this guy is a beast, and one of the best LB orospects coming out of the CIS in a while, and Creehan seems to like him as well.

I prefer a trade.

I as well. we need another American WR.

assuming there is no trade, this is the pick.

Trade the rights to Barker for Randy Moss or T.O.

It's fine to say that you prefer a trade, but what trade? for whom? Some mysterious unnamed American WR?

Barker is the best choice for this team, always has been.

First off, he's Canadian, second he's big and fast and third he addresses a need at a critical position that we were lacking at all of last year and for several years previously.

Unless a trade nets us a WR who is far and away better than anyone on our roster, than it's a waste to fritter away the opportunity to draft a bedrock defender.

I don't see B.C. lining up to hand us Clermont of Simon and I highly doubt the Argos will ever part with Bruce. Besides those two names, I'd rather stand pat, thank you.

I anticipate that Dylan Barker will be the newest Tiger-Cat.

I agree.

Welcome Dylan Barker! & Giguere &Giffin &L.L.Masse.....and others ...what a good draft !

8) Good American wide receivers are a dime a dozen at any time !!!
 At least, that is what I have heard !!!!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

They tried, but nothing that Obie thought was worth it.