Dylan Barker Interception Watch

He's due for one eventually. Which game do you guys think it will come if any? We'll see who's right, sooner or later. I'll take the Hamilton at BC game Sat Sept 18.

Mon Sep 06 Toronto Hamilton 2:30 PM

Sat Sep 11 Montreal Hamilton 1:00 PM

Sat Sep 18 Hamilton BC 10:00 PM

Sat Sep 25 Saskatchewan Hamilton 06:30 PM

Sun Oct 03 Hamilton Edmonton 04:30 PM

Fri Oct 08 Edmonton Hamilton 07:30 PM

Fri Oct 15 Hamilton Toronto 07:30 PM

Fri Oct 22 Montreal Hamilton 07:00 PM

Fri Oct 29 Hamilton Calgary 10:00 PM

Sat Nov 06 BC Hamilton 02:00 PM

I'll take the Riders game on September 25th.

I'll take BC on Sept 18th.

  1. It's Printers
  2. It's my daughter's b-day.

I'll take the October 8th game

Id like to say next game against the argos, but I dont think that will happen so ill go with Sept 11th against the Als.

Labour Day

October 3rd in Edmonton.

Hope both he and the team make it a very happy birthday for you, Bansee! :thup:

Montreal Sept 11th

ive got labour day, hes gotta redeem himself, and i dont think lemon is to sure of himself yet

Zenstate and 2EZ4ThaCats will have to leave the Island as Barker did not get an INT in the LDG. However, he did force a Chad Lucas fumble with a well timed thunderous and territorial hit over the middle. For this, they have earned immunity and can make another prediction. I'm making up the rules as we go. :lol:

I'll take the Grey Cup game Nov. 28 :thup:

Hush. Those two words shall be utterly forbidden until those two words become a reality, however, since you managed to slide the prediciton in you can keep it, but watch it bucko! :wink:

Wow, this guy really can't catch.

Yeah. :roll: The first two misses I can excuse as difficult catches. But this one was a pefect throw and hit him right in the numbers. He missed the ball twice - once on the way in, and then again after it bounced off his chest. Yikes!

For all those who wanted Sandy out, I'm not so sure anymore.... Barker has great potential but I'm not convinced he is really ready for a full-time assignment quite yet. Dropping that sure interception could have cost us the game... He needs to catch those more often than dropping them....

At least Dylan is in position to make plays. Sandy's biggest problems were his lack of speed, poor tacking skills, and ability to close on recievers. Dylan seems to be waiting to unleash the big hit rather than trying for the pick. He'll be fine. Although the last two he has droppped were right in the mitts.

Forget the droppsies, he's got speed and likes to smack it and has more of an edge than Sandy. Better than Sandy, Sandy could hit but lacked speed.

I played high school with a guy like Sandy, Rob Kochel who played some db for the Stamps, could out run me big time, he was fast, made all Ontario's in the 400 hunder in the 47's but didn't really like to smack it. That's a problem when you're playiing safety. Played hockey agains't him, fast and could move it but too soft, way too soft. No offence Rob, your skills and my mindset, hmmm, could have been very good.

You catch with your hands Dylan not your body, remember that!!!

I don't care if he doesn't get any picks as long as he makes recievers think twice when they go over the middle on that crossing route.

Don't get me wrong I'm not comparing him to Hitchcock, because obviously Barker isn't anywhere near that level yet, but Rob Hitchcock was a great safety and he never made a lot of picks. I'd love to see Barker laying the lumber over the middle in the same way, and he has the raw skill to be able to do it, and as he develops I hope to see more of that. He's still in many ways a work in progress, but if he never becomes an interception guy... it won't matter if he can do the other things well.