dylan barker in shrime game

i watched the east/west shrine game on tv again the dyland barker who is a projected first round cfl draft pick didnt look very good I think this game and performance at it will hurt his draft stock a few nfl teams showed a interest in him until this shrine game he looked a little lost out there

Pearls I tell you…Pearls


CFL coaches are drafting this guy to play CANADIAN football, not AMERICAN which is played at the shrine game. They will look at his college tape, not the tape of the "shrime" game, because he is playing American ball there. It would be like not drafting a hockey player because he plays bad in a ball hockey game.

Not really man. Unless ball hockey is drastically easier than ice hockey in your world. There he has a more narrow field and an extra safety, right? You should know how it works too...NFL clubs don't have to draft the kid. They can just offer him an FA tryout and if he doesn't pan out, so be it. No draft, no contract, no problems with the CIS or CFL as long as he isn't under contract here already.


i watched him he had very slow closing speed and i think his draft stock went down.He got burned on most reps he was in the game i think even for the cfl he going to draft day overrated

Ok I accept your position(having seen him play once on TV prob. while drunk of high). Now listen to mine. I've watched Dylan at 3 different levels of football including minor, HS(MJ Central Comets), and now CIS and you are so wrong its not even funny. He will go top 5 and thats about it jack.


well i wouldntr draft him he will be outclassed by ncaa grads after the shrine game he didnt look that good he has never faced top notch wr as he did in the shrine game

Is "shrime" a mix of shrine and crime?... :?

Isn't Barker 21 years old? Most of the Shrine game players are 24 years old. I don't think any team with the possible exception of Hamilton would even think of starting him this year.