Dyce named Special Teams Coordinator

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/dyce-named-roughriders-special-teams-coordinator]http://www.cfl.ca/article/dyce-named-ro ... oordinator[/url]

With George Cortez available it was just to good for the Riders to pass up hiring him to be the OC. With the importance of special teams in the CFL more important then any other football league in North America having Dyce already on the payroll as a Coordinator it makes a lot of sense for him to make a lateral move the ST CO.
He knows the players on the Riders he was involved with special teams coaching at one time for the BBs and he knows the CFL. Already being a Coordinator last year on the offense he will be seen as a coordinator by the players.
He was once in charge of Canadian BBs Canadian personnel also. Would would be great is to see if Dyce can find some Canadian return specialists. There are quite a few young players in the league that had success returning in University and some other coming out out this year along with some 5th year players.
Canadian players have been making strides at many different positions Return specialist should be next where teams are looking in their backyard