Dyakowski's UR penalty

Watching the game on Wednesday, I thought it was a bit out-of-character for him to just nail an opposing player without provocation. At the time, I figured he was reacting to something he had seen, perhaps some liberties taken on Burris as he was lying on the ground. Even the announcer said that he must have seen something we didn't.

Well, I just watched the first half of the game again, and I'm pretty sure I now know what he saw. On the play, the ball popped loose when Burris hit the ground, and one of the Winnipeg players and Burris started fighting for the ball. Eventually, the Winnipeg player got up with the ball, and was immediately tackled by Dyakowski.

So if the Winnipeg player figured it was a live ball, maybe Dyakowski did as well. Good for him for not complaining about the penalty. But at least now his action is understandable.

Didnt see it But if he thought the ball was live then Smart play!

I'm pretty sure that was retaliation for the helmet to helmet hit on Burris while he was scrambling near the goal line. That was sending a message that deliberate intent to injure against the Ticat QB's won't be tolerated. Taking a 15-yd roughing penalty shouldn't be encouraged but sometimes there is a time and place...and hopefully you can take the other guy with you to the penalty box. :wink:

That’s what I thought until I saw the play again and saw the Winnipeg get up with the ball after ripping it away from Burris. Although that may have played some part as well.