They reported on the 5th Quarter that Pete dislocated his knee. Anybody know how serious that is in terms of surgery or rehab. Will he be back at 100% when training camp opens or does this type of injury take longer than 6 months to heal properly?

6-8 weeks is usual for a dislocated knee, no surgery required.

Not to be argumentative but it will depend on several factors. You are correct a simple dislocation would be in the 6-8 week mark. But the true extent is not known yet. There could be ligament damage our tendon damage. (that`s the RN in me speaking) but as you say 6-8 weeks is the norm. Lets hope he is ok for Jeopardy! And training camp as well.

Well that's a relief. Get well Peter. We need you for next years Grey Cup run. :thup:

Here's hoping all goes well for Pete in the rehab of his injury. :smiley:

Peter Dyakowski ?@PeterDyakowski 13h

"Thanks everyone for all the kind words. It was a great season even if it didn't end the way I expected. I'll be OK & back next year"

hi peter...it's been a great ride the past few years....i've enjoyed partying with you in the lounge and players parties at grey cup time...you're truly a great and fun person....good luck on tv and in rehab....see you at the next event...... :cowboy:

Get well Peter, let's get you healthy again for next year and our run for the 2014 Grey Cup!!


Never mind the knee.

Start getting ready for Jeopardy!


Get well soon Pete, you’re my second favourite O.Lineman after Marwan.

Are foods that begin with the letter Q good for the knees?

Quiche for Peter?

I dunnnnooo...

I've seen it reported that it was a dislocated patella (knee cap) not a dislocated knee. Dislocated patella is a less serious injury so that is good. I don't know what the difference would be as far a surgery and rehab between the two. Knees can be fussy.

Dyakowski is a true pro and a credit to his team and the league. It hurt to see him go down like that. Here's to Pete's speedy AND FULL recovery. :thup:

All the best for a speedy recovery Peter!

Doug & Nancy


Giving Gene Simmons…Brian Simmon’s jersey…classic Dyakowski!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: