Dyakowski On Jeopardy

We've been watching Jeopardy for the last few weeks in hopes of seeing Pete on there but so far he hasn't been on. Anybody know if there is a confirmed date for his appearance?

Early June. First week.

Uh oh. If he goes on a huge win streak it might cut into the Cat's training camp. :slight_smile: Maybe it won't matter though if his injury still isn't 100% healed.

I've heard mid April, where did you get June from, FenderGuy?

He said so on Twitter back in mid March.

George Trebych ?@cottagegeo Mar 14 @PeterDyakowski when is your episode of Jeopardy going to air????

Peter Dyakowski ?@PeterDyakowski Mar 14
@cottagegeo Not until early June, the first week of the month.

Also ... I think the episodes are pre-taped in bunches. They're also running "Decade Championships" every other few weeks.

Wait a minute 'when is your episode'?

Nuts, that doesn't sound promising.... :frowning:

Thanks FenderGuy!

My parents went to a Ticat event and spoke to him. His run is completed on Jeopardy. He was under contract not to disclose how he did though.

I can’t wait to see this. He is hilarious. Should be fun