Dyakowski could be added to the roster

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Expect #Ticats OL @PeterDyakowski to be added to roster for #CFL Eastern Final. First game since being injured in '13 Grey Cup.

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#Ticats OL @PeterDyakowski is a fan favourite & easy to root for. He's worked his ass off to get back & it's nice to see that rewarded.

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I don't expect #Ticats OL @PeterDyakowski to start but he may play on ST, in certain offensive packages and in case of injury.

:thup: :thup: :rockin: great news!

who would he replace on the oline

If he is only dressing as a backup then look for either Landon Rice or Joel Reinders to be off the game day 44. My guess is that it will most likely be Rice. The depth chart should be out in a couple of hours or sooner,hopefully Dyakowski is listed on it. :smiley:
Also let's hope we see the names Fantuz and Madu on there as well. :smiley: :thup:

MTL's Gazette beat reporter, Herb Zurkowsky, has reported that they''ll be without their starting rush end Brian Brikowski (#45) who was concussed in the semi-final game. Sutton will be back at RB and the Cats will face a different returner this game -- Mardy Gilyard who had better stats doing that job last week against B.C. than Rogers and Rainey had here on Nov. 8th.

While the depth chart has yet to be posted, the ticats.ca team roster has been updated and Dyakowski, Madu and Fantuz are all on it!


Further study of the line-up shows Marc Dile is the 4th name added. Off the 46 are Carter, who was released, along with Davis, Lewis and Reinders all moved to the Injured List.

Marc Dile as well has been added to the 46 man roster. Jeremy Lewis,Joel Reinders and Emmanuel Davis all deleted and placed on the 1 gm IL.

This is looking very promising!!!
Thanks for posting Ottawacat

Does anyone recall what's been the story of Marc Dile this season? He didn't dress at all in the pre-season and the first 6 games of the regular season. Then, he started one game (vs.CAL at Mac in August) and has been out since.

I could be wrong on this but I seem to recall an incident where we had a DE Kianti Tripp on the roster early on in the season who got released after he played only one game because he got into it at practice with several of the O-Linemen. If I can remember correctly I seem to recall that Dile got injured after an altercation with Tripp at this practice which led to his injury.

Thanks bobo. That could be what happened to cause Dile to miss the last 11 games. That game vs. CAL was also the the only game Tripp played for the Cats and he was cut before the next game. I'm guessing Dile must have been injured early in training camp with something that kept out until that lone appearance in August.

Sutton is not on their depth chart, Rutley is listed as starter.

Interesting to see that Aprile is backing up Fantuz on the depth chart and not Coates who has been in the lineup since Fantuz was injured a month ago.

Guess I spoke too soon without checking out the whole chart. Coates is backing up Giguere. :oops:

An update on Sutton:
The beat reporter was quite surprised to learn, on travel day, that he was not playing. He's now reported that Sutton, who did practice all week, has a sprained ankle. He can run forward but can't cut. So, he's out.