Dyakowski, Canada's Smartest Person

I really enjoyed the show. Surely the gap on that final balance beam was just about Peter's waist size... I thought the fix was in.

We knew Peter was qualified when he was the only one to realize that the Wendy patties, always fresh, were frozen by mistake out in Winterpeg:


Oskee wee wee

I haven't had a chance to see the whole show yet, but I just watched the highlights on the home page and he didn't just win, he put on a clinic. Those other 3 duds should be ashamed of themselves lol. I have had the chance to speak to Peter in person several times and he is a great guy and is absolutely hilarious.

My favourite Dyakowskiism: "Purolater will donate the QBs weight in food to the local foodback and with a fatty like Cleo Lemon that is a lot of food" lol

Just wait 'til the Eskimos sign Daute Culpepper. The food banks will be overflowing.

The Smartest Person media tour continues on George Stroumboulopougopoudopoulos Tonight:


“Your move, math!”

Maybe Peter can do my taxes and get me a better return. Oh wait, I don't make that much to begin with so really doesn't matter in my case. :o

I did beat all 4 of them in human calculator. 8)

I watched the entire show with the kids. Thank you for the link K/P. We tried to play along as best we could.

Very impressive showing by Peter against a professor and a scientist. He led from beginning to end and was the first to qualify for the final.

Congratulations, Peter, a well deserved win.