Dyakowski and Wojt doubtful for reg. Season

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago
#Ticats coach Kent Austin says its “highly doubtful? either OL Greg Wojt or Peter Dyakowski will return during the regular season

Unfortunate, but maybe they will play for us when we are in B.C. for the Grey Cup! :rockin:

If Canada’s Smartest Person can return to play it would be fitting it would be at the Grey Cup as that was his last game for us. Not having either player has really affected our O line this year. I hope both have a speedier than expected return.

These two linemen are sorely missed. I doubt that we'll see them in the playoffs this year. This is a shame since they
both played with a lot of impact in protecting their quarterback. It would probably be a shame if after being out for the regular season, they returned for the playoffs (If we make it there) since their timing would be off and possibly they would be even more susceptible to injury. When I say this, I can't help thinking about Gable's first and only game back which lasted only one play before he was knocked out of commission again. I'm sure the team doctors will know when the time is right to admit these guys back to the playing field. Good luck to both of them.

From Peter

Peter Dyakowski ?@PeterDyakowski 3m3 minutes ago
.@hablover9 I'm doing great & getting better, faster, and stronger daily!! In the ice tub at the moment!

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#Ticats coach Kent Austin on @PeterDyakowski: "He's a little bit more active in what he's doing but he's still a ways away.

Shame if we could get 1 of these two guys back we could move O’Neil to Center
Mike Filer has been failure at Center all year
till then where stuck

Some peoples kids :confused:

They would still keep Filer at centre, unfortunately. Right now they could have O’Neill at centre and Landon Rice, who actually held his own for a few games, at left guard. For some reason, they love Filer.

Filer is awful as Center Hamilton has always had good Centers

From Jake Gaudaur to Tom Dimmick to Henry Waszczuk to Carl Coulter, to Mawrin Hage

The Cats have always had True Leader in at Center .

Really Disappointed in Center Pos this year

The leader of Hoggies in Hamilton is Honour and Mike Filer is not worthy ,

Austin on his "O" Line

"We've progressed a lot from the beginning of the season until now. We're a totally different unit and we're playing a lot better, " Austin said. "That has given us an opportunity to win football games."

A good read on an improved "O" Line

[b]Ticats offensive line coach Allen Rudolph seems like an affable fellow - his easy smile and Mississippi drawl give him the air of a Southern Buddha - but ask him about his unit's early-season woes and the grin fades fast.

Hamilton gave up 17 sacks in their first three games - including a whopping 10 in the season opener - as the team stumbled to an 0-3 start. It started a merry-go-round of roster changes that saw Rudolph employ 10 different offensive lineman in the first month of the 2014 campaign.

"Sometimes you have to get hit in the mouth to see how you're going to respond, " Rudolph said.

And respond they have. While the sack numbers still aren't tremendous - we'll get to that in a moment - head coach Kent Austin says the O-line is a big reason why the team has won four of their last five games heading into Saturday's match with B.C.

"We've progressed a lot from the beginning of the season until now. We're a totally different unit and we're playing a lot better, " Austin said. "That has given us an opportunity to win football games."

The current unit was built piece-by-piece and on the fly. After injuries robbed the team of both starting guards from last season (Pete Dyakowski is still recovering from a knee injury suffered in last season's Grey Cup, and Greg Wojt has been out since the opener) Brian Simmons moved from right tackle to right guard in week two. Centre Mike Filer missed the first four games with a foot injury. Veteran guard Tim O'Neill started the season filling in for Filer.

Tackles Jake Olson and Jeremy Lewis were signed in July, while Joel Figueroa missed six weeks, also recovering from a foot injury.

But those six players have filled the five spots along the line during the recent resurgence, including a four game-stretch where the unit remained unchanged.

"It's important to play the same guys as much as you possibly can, so they learn to work together, " Rudolph said. "There is so much non-verbal communication that goes on, it helps to do it with the same guy beside you as much as you can."

Which isn't to say the Cats are no longer giving up sacks. They continue to see the quarterback dropped at a rate of once every 10.2 drop backs, the second worst in the CFL. And the run game continues to sit mid-pack in most meaningful statistical markers.

Simmons, who is having an all-star calibre season at guard, says that's true, but only to a point.

"It is an offence where some plays take time developing, but it's our job to make it as easy as possible for the quarterback, " Simmons said. "We have quarterbacks that can make plays when things break down and there are good things and bad things that can happen in those situations.

"We haven't liked some of the hits Zach (Collaros) has been taking the last few weeks so we have to get that cleaned up."

Rudolph says the recent run of success has improved the mood of the team after that woeful start and the confidence from that success is building upon itself.

"I think our response was delayed because there was some turnover and there was no cohesiveness. But we were able to get a core group of guys that can work together, " Rudolph said. "Now you're seeing the response from that early punch in the mouth that we got."[/b]

Nothing like dumping on a player,but then again that seems to be your MO as it seems like you are the type of person who is not happy unless he is being ultra negative about something at every turn. For the record this is only Filer’s 3rd season on the team and he has only started 8 games total in this his 1rst year as a starter.His first two seasons saw him play sparingly as he dressed for only 4 games in 2012 and for 10 last season all as a backup.This is his first year as a starter,give the guy a break,yes he has made some mistakes,but I seem to recall the 10 year vet Hage also making mistakes and bad snaps to the QB(remember the Grey Cup last year ?)Let the guy grow into the job and I’m pretty sure that Filer will turn out okay.The key position on a football team where you want to have stability is at the center position,dumping a guy after only 8 career starts is not the way to go. I have to admit though that it cracks me up with some of this team’s fan base with the “get rid of this guy mentality” then they are the first to whine and complain about no stability and too many changes to the roster. :roll: I realize that it has been mentioned many times by many different posters,but you are without a doubt one of the most negative so-called fans that have ever posted in this forum. I really think you should just concentrate on your beloved Detroit Lions and the NFL and just forget about being a part time fair weather negative Nelly so called Ti-Cat fan who rarely has anything good to say about the team at the best of times.

8) Hey Tom, you forgot to add Chet Miksza to that list of all time great TiCat centers !!!

Mike Filer will grow into the position, just give him some time. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Right on, bobo8224. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Tom and his ilk are nothing but F A’s as far as I’m concerned.

I completely agree. The center position can be very complicated especially against defences that stunt and blitz from a wide variety of positions. It will take Filer some time to solidify the position. We should be patient.
I also would like to see more of Landon Rice. He has looked like a rookie at times but I think he has talent.
The line is far from perfect but they are improving and that is important . I also believe that a couple of those sacks against Wpg were Zach Collaros’s fault. He has to get rid of the ball sooner.

x2-or should that be x3? :smiley:

Agree that sacks are not always the fault of the OL. They can only hold a player back so long and if they force the issue then they risk making a play that results in a holding penalty.

I noticed that Dyakowski has been moved to the 1 game injured list from the 6 game injured list on the latest Depth Chart!

Third or fourth time this season Filer has snapped the ball a yard or two to the left/right of the QB. Still willing to let him grow into the position?

The snap wasn’t of poor quality as most QBs can get out or down to get an off-centre ball, Zack just didn’t know it was coming.

Filer had at least two bad snaps this game. That being said, he has improved on the protection side of things. And after having his nose pushed up to his forehead by Emery, as well as sticking up for his QB after a late hit, I cannot fault his toughness either. Just that mental thing that causes him to make bad snaps in crucial situations.

We could use one of these two guys
so we can put ONeil back at Center