Dwight Anderson

After this weekend's "Debacle in T'ranta", did we really need to try to help the Argos get any better? Of course, that was not exactly Dwight's best game for us, but he has consistently been one of our best defenders in my book. Good luck Dwight.

I just saw this trade as well and I'm a tiny bit puzzled. Why trade an experienced DB two games into the season? I get trading him out of the division, but I don't really get the trade on paper (since SSK seems to only be getting a 2015 draft pick in exchange). Was there some behind-the-scenes issue with DA?

All right I heard that Anderson blew up on the sidelines and was giving the d line crap. Rumor has it he threw a water bottle at Foley and both players had to be restrained. I don't agree with what Anderson may have done but I love that kind of fire and intensity. If half the d had it in that game things wouldn't have been so lopsided.
I know he has had temper issues before and yes he does get carried away but if your going to move him for God sake get more then a friggen draft pick for him. The way this was done so fast did they even field any other offers or did they just say stay in Toronto and they can give us what ever they want for him? Not impressed by this move as sure the guy might have been a loose canon but seriously with the way the backfield looked on Saturday can we afford to throw away a vet just in the heat of the moment especially when you get jack squat back?
This season is starting to have a bit of an odor to it. In the off season we knew that Sheets, Dressler and a good chance Simon were gone yet instead of getting at least one solid replacement for any of them we sit on our hands and go with rookies. Sure in the long run like Sheets they may be a great find but that doesn't help win games today. Getzlaf seemed to be questionable health wise too even before the season started so not sure why we would be happy to see how things played out.
Last year we seemed to make all the right moves but this year so far they are acting like they are happy with one cup and done. Hope I'm wrong but as of right now my gut feeling is saying I'm not.

yeah, I heard it was Chick who got the water bottle, but either way...strike 3.

Shame, because he was a great leader on the field. Sure hope this doesn't derail the D even more. Also, a real shame stoudomire was not kept now...

For a conditional pick, the Riders may get nothing out of this. It is a shame to see a talented player go...they seemed to have reined in his antics fairly well since he was in green...guess too much is too much

Macho Harris can take his spot and we won't miss a beat IMO, Anderson is and always has been a cancer on teams notice has has trouble staying anywhere more than a couple of seasons.

He is a talented cover corner but can't tackle worth crap. He was good for last year but I can honestly say I am not a bit sad that we traded him. His attitude is something our team doesn't need.

I do however agree that it would have been nice to get more from him than just a conditional pick, but he probably has a decently big salary coupled with on and off field issues and I bet most teams aren't really willing to take a chance on him and the ones that are aren't willing to give up much more than a pittance.

Strike 3...........you are toast. Good on the Riders to be decisive.

Hold on about the conditional pick. It's for 2015, a year suggested with good depth in the draft. If DA plays a significant role we could land a 2nd round pick?????? A 3rd would be okay.............if DA plays a lot and we end up with a 4th or 5th round you know darn staright the Riders just wanted to unload this guy. But I hope we get a 2nd round choice...........3rd would be okay?

JimmytheGreek......love the way you are rolling over after one stinging loss..........the sky is falling. After 2 weeks in the season what significant moves has the club made that are so wrong. Remind me about all the trading we have done that has gone south. We all knew we lost a lot of good talent and we'd have to unearth talent (Swain, Smith, etc etc). I love the fact our club is organically developing players. Mgmt stuck to its guns and this bozo made too many mistakes..........I don't know who he was tossing bottles at (Chick or Foley).....but I wish both those big boys beat him to a pulp.

The team is bigger than one player.

Who is up. Interesting twist to this is you have to consider Weldon and TBrack. Macho Harris is another but I see Macho moreso as a corner. I think Williams #37 is also in the mix.

I agree...............Stoudarmaire had he agreed to PR? Maybe they call him back in?

Carlos Thomas on 6 game..................LeGree the rookie has been on the roster and look for him to fill somewhere potentially. Legree likely took a roster spot that we all likely expected to be Stoudamaire?

I trust the guys running the show. This is just a tiny little glitch that the team will get past. They got spanked last week and they will be foul this week. Coach publicly stated on TV that they could not block or tackle. They will be a focused group at practice, they get 4 days of practice..........I expect them to be ready and they better be. BC is in a must win. They hold the grey cup homefield pressure and to start 0-3 is a disaster. Logan and Harris have been shut down and they will want a huge game..........we gotta be ready to take care of a western opponent. Key game for each team. One team is 0-3 or 1-2????????

[quote="grubber"]I agree...............Stoudarmaire had he agreed to PR? Maybe they call him back in?


He was snagged up by the Bombers pretty fast. I know I along with some others expressed disappointment they didnt find a way to keep him. He looked great in pre-season.

Carlos Thomas when he comes back. Harris can roll over there, though I will say Legree looked pretty good in pre-season as well. Not sure how he tackles, but he was good in coverage.

I have no probem with Anderson being traded but what about getting some now in return! Tanman did the same thing on the Drew Willy trade, the bombers were in dire straits to get a qb Tanman trades Willy away for a guy who cant even make the damn lineup

Anderson is a great player, but you are not going to get a lot for a 33 year old import when you are trying to get rid of him fast.

As for Willy...kudos to BT for gettign anything! Willy was pegged to be a FA, so would have gone for free. He basically got something for the Bombers to sign him early...not sure how one can really complain about that.

In the CFL a trade, ANY trade, for an older player with a bad rep is a bonus. The typical result here would be a straight out release (see Korey Banks).

grubber I never said the sky was falling but I do have some strong concerns and actually I had them since the loss of so many good players in the off season.I was hoping and still am that things will get straightened out and sooner rather then later. I still have to scratch my head though when everyone knew who we were going to protect in the draft and who had a good shot of going South why some reliable experienced fill ins were not brought in? Yes I realize star players don't grow on trees but still it wasn't like most of the gaps weren't known well before hand. I agree bringing in young talent and grooming them is a very good idea but it's also a good idea to have an experienced player that can take the load off and the pressure off the youngsters until they get their feet wet. Heck Sheets didn't look anything real spectacular the first year but you could see his potential. Allen or Tolson may be the same but to bring them in and say here you go have at it is a bit unfair to them also. In some places where fan interest may not be the greatest you might get away with that but lets face it Riderville is like Montreal or Toronto in hockey the fans are demanding and show little mercy for failure (God knows the Leafs and their fans know all about failure). Yes I include myself somewhat in that category.

Still with the loss of Sheets, Dressler, Simon, Butler there should have been lots of cap space and yet what significant signings were done to ease the pain? Non in my opinion. Yes Durant got a good pay raise and deservedly so but still there should have been some spare change laying around to acquire someone especially on the offensive side of the ball.

I agree it's way too early to push the panic button but things are going to get a little uncomfortable if the Riders don't win this week. Yes we may have been spoiled last year after going 6-0 right out of the gates and I don't think anyone including myself expected that this year, however whether its realistic or fair or whatever a good majority of Rider fans will not sit quiet if we go 1-3 or 1-4 not after winning it all last year anyways. I am very passionate about the Riders and sometimes I wear my emotions on my sleeve which I know is not always a good thing.


Very well said

I think the team looks good roster wise. There are a few people they should have fought harder to keep, and there are some big Ratio concerns because of that.
The Ratio thing is my biggest concern...well, and now replacing Anderson, though Williams will likely take over as leader of the secondary. I would think that there is some potential for a DB pickup out of NFL cuts if they are struggling in a few weeks. If Hurl goes down Ratio becomes huge.
Nobody could plug the middle in that last game, and that is concerning at LB...though I thought the D game plan was horrid (the fake plastic trees in my living room knew what the Argo first approach game plan was going to be, and they never had to even think about adjusting it)...so it slides for a game



He got through one season big part if winning the Grey Cup for sure.
Arrest and problems with Chick and Foley time to go.
Deep at DB. Could open a spot for Macho Harris


Cap space. I believe we have some cap space. But I think the Riders are going to be one team with money available come September. Some certain CFL'ers who are trying to crack a NFL roster might be looking for a roster? Including non - Rider guys.

If...........if these guys come free, you can only play the game if you have the space.

I don't think we have scads of space either. Our O-line is loaded with vet talent and they are all likely well over $120K, minus heenan who will need a $140K re-signing amount? We upped DD for two years.

Plus you can't spend cap money when there is nothing out there? Having a little rainy day fund is prudent. The Riders must set aside money in the event Dressler/Sheets don't last in the NFL past Sept. 15th. It is prudent for the Riders to plan for this happening. If it doesn't, the money gets deployed out there.

But right now money won't buy you much........and with free agency the only guy I would have chased hard was Nick Moore. I think he is top 5 receiver in the league. He's a good younger receiver with upside.

The sky ain't falling cause we'll be 2-1 after we beat BC.

I dunno. I think MRT-MAN may have used up all the cap space a couple of post before this one. :smiley: :smiley:

Boo, hiss, lol a dry sense of humor I like it. Good one.

Have heard all of the interviews and comments etc., but this still has the feeling of a last stroke disciplinary thing , and cut and release.. just for a draft pick, nah

I have to agree shagman despite what is said in the papers when a coach goes to the GM and says " I think we need to start playing our younger players lets move Anderson" it doesn't really hold water to be honest. I think Saturdays little scuffle was the last straw and Corey decided enough was enough. It's too bad he couldn't focus his temper on just good clean football and leave out the rest but if he was a constant distraction in practice and in games I guess you have to weigh the lesser of two evils. Obviously the coach thought using someone else and getting rid of Anderson was the best way to go.
Corey said he just had a gut feeling this was the right time to be playing the younger guys but I think if you read between the lines it was more of he was sick and tired of having to break up squabbles between Anderson and other team mates. Like I said too bad because he did have talent and when he was on his game he could be nasty to play against.

Every team was spotted a 600K addition to the cap after the CBA was signed.
Some players may of had a raise clause in there contracts for % of money added to the cap.
Everyteam started by extending top players contracts with part of the 600K for the future and a likely signing bonus for the present.
I would hope that every team has left a good portion og that added 600K to sign other players coming back from the NFL, Coming new to the CFL from the NFL, and if not spent would work towards extending FA contracts before the years end placing them with a singing bonus that would be part of the 2014 Cap.
Not to mention releasing or trading a player like in this case to erase a money on your cap. Either now or upon signing of one player with the releasing of another.
Also 6 game IR where by Sept 1 some will be on it due to real injury putting them out for the season or placed there to open up Cap Space.
The Riders at that September part of the season had placed injured and non injured players there extending there roster. The new rule however prohibits players on the 6 game to practice with the team until weeks 5 and 6 of the 6 game.