Dwight Anderson

Hey can anyone tell me what happened with Dwight Anderson during the game? I had a baseball game so I couldn't watch but on the radio I heard someone talking about a "Dwight Anderson incident" anybody see anything? Thanks

it appears he was clearing his dreads from in front of him and the ref thought he made a throat slashing gesture. The league made it clear that this, throwing helmets, etc was 0 tolerance this year. When he was called he lost his mind. He got called again before the next play. The Riders tried getting him off the field but he wouldn't leave. They eventually had to call a time out to remove him....it was nuts.

Now, all that said the ref was watching him like a hawk when it happened. He was looking at someone on the Esks sideline and the Ref reached for his flag but held up. Anderson walked and turned back...couldn't tell if he made a gesture at that point. That is when the flag came out, the other about 30 seconds later.

I have not seen a video loaded up, but am sure there will be by tomorrow. I know I would like a better view of it all, as it really was not clear the first go around.

I tend to think it was a mistaken call by the refs purely from his reaction...he seemed truly offended by it. But with the ref watching him so close, I just don't know.

Wow sounds pretty wicked. Gonna be looking for a video for sure haha

well, when someone finds it I hope it gets posted here.

From Pederson:

Notes: Rider defensive back Dwight Anderson took back-to-back objectionable conduct calls in the third quarter and was pulled from the game for the rest of the series. Head coach Corey Chamblin said after the game Anderson was making a defensive play signal which was confused with a negative gesture by the officials. Chamblin said Anderson was trying to do the right thing, and that they'll change the signal for the feature ... It was the Riders' first win in Edmonton since 2009, snapping a six-game regular season slide ... The game was the first of a four-game series between the western rivals ... The Riders are tied with Calgary for first-place in the West Division at 1-0 and they host the Stampeders Friday at 7:30 pm on the CKRM Rider Radio Network.

Why would he be making a play signal towards the EDMONTON bench? He was taunting the Edmonton bench or someone on the bench. The official on the spot grabbed his flag but didn't throw. Then Anderson suddenly stops and turns to the official, says something and gets flagged. Then he goes nuts. Then he wouldn't get off the field and Chamblin had to burn the timeout. Dwight was just being the punk he is. The Riders have enough depth that they don't need to carry a bad attitude like him.

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Roughriders+roll+over+host+Eskimos/8598705/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Roughr ... story.html[/url]

The link above explains things with Quotes from Coach Chamblin. Anderson is needed on the field of play doing his job that is required from a HB. That said; Calgary is coming to town next week....Go Riders and bring it on I say.
All in all it was a great victory for the most part.

After watching the sequence with Anderson a few times, I haver to agree with Priariedog's summation. I've never seen anything like it, and I've watched the CFL for over 40 years. What bothers me the most about the incident was that it took the Riders' focus away from the game itself, and I think they had a hard time re-establishing their focus in the last quarter.
The guy is 30 years old, there's no excuse for him to act like a 14 year old with raging hormones.

From what I remember of what the play-by-play commentators said when it happened; someone on Eskimo bench had the attention of Anderson who is believed to be Greg Marshall. Going over the game film Coach Chamblin will address the issue, thus I hope it doesn’t happen again.

I seem to recall Big Gene going on a similar rant during the 2008 season at home within microphone distance that provided some colourful language after a hit on DD when they were in the redzone.

I believe the reason Anderson was so upset is that he is making a sincere effort to prove to the Riders that he is ready to be a stand-up guy and has left the jerk-off dirty player stuff which he was known for behind him. He went to every player on the Riders bench and explained what actually had happened. Unfortunately from the viewpoint of the referres his reputation has preceded him and it may take a while for him to earn their respect.

Anderson had a very strong game today against Toronto, but what the hell was he doing on that last TD drive on that scramble, had the guy dead to rights before the stick and just kinda let him go.

We already won the game so they were laying off TO.

So far no complaints on his play today, outside of the melt down in Edmonchuk.

Anyone still not a fan or wish he didn't come over?.

I have no problem with the edge he brings to the team, so long as he doesnt go off like he did in game one when it is a close game.

I'm still not a fan. He's too volatile for my tastes. That may change, but he has a lot of proving to do as far as on-field maturity is concerned before I alter my perception of him as a member of the team.

I thought it was super funny during today's game when pass interference was called on Dwight Anderson instead of Turenne.

The referees corrected that real fast lol

Hey jm, long time no chat. DA didn't do anything negative today to add to any list of complaints. maybe he was just a part of a very amazing D today, but if he didn't help, he didn't hurt this game. Slowly building legitimacy??

Yep. Life's been, ummm...busy...let's go with that...

Anderson didn't do anything negative, no, but I'm still not a believer. I'm open to forming a different opinion of him as the season progresses, provided he maintains this new-found (albeit unproven) maturity.

I wasn't too happy when we acquired Dwight Anderson knowing his rep came with him. I was furious when he caused all the ruckus on the side-lines after the two OC calls. Whoever said it took the focus off the game was right. It looked like utter confusion on the Rider sidelines for awhile. I was happy the league fined him but I was much more impressed with what Cory Chamberlain decided Dwight's punishment should be - community service. His thoughts were that Dwight might learn a thing or two about the folks who pay his salary - might have a more lasting impression. So far, so good Dwight.