Dwight Anderson

Pretty simple question, do you want to see him back in black and yellow. Ive always liked the guy and think hes one of the best in the league so id love to have him back.



I like some of the young talent we have in the secondary right now. I'm sure Obie will find another talented DB this off-season.

The only guy I like that OB found was Turenne and he wasn’t brought in until the season was almost over. Id say everyone else was average to poor and this team needs serious help in the secondary if they want to compete.

what he said

Corey Chamblin coached him in Calgary ... he didn't seem to want him back too badly.

I believe he has had a falling out in Montreal ... previous to that Hamilton.

Not a great resume.

Sure, he's proven he can make big plays, but he can be a headache off the field, takes far too many penalties and has prooven he has issues with both his attitude and his consistency. I'll pass on this one.

Dwight Anderson couldn’t stay of trouble here.
He fought a teammate on the field during a game while with Calgary.
Then he got into trouble in Montreal and was told to stay away from the team.

Is he a good player? Absolutely.
Is he worth the baggage? No

Did I mention he’ll be 32 next year?

I like to cheer for my team, and I like my team to be comprised of likable people.

And I have n problem cheering for likable guys, who I don't think are good players. It's easy for me to cheer for them, and I'm happy when they play well and make me reconsider, or prove me wrong, but...

I did not like Dwight Anderson even though he can play. No!.

Funny, right now 7 say yes and 9 say no however everyone who commented say NO WAY!!!!

No comments from the yes people or are you too scared you'll be pelted with rotten tomatoes?


No thank you. Not at all.


Im not scared to say I want the guy back.
If you read that article is says that most of his team mates want him back in MTL and when he was in Calgary the coaching staff kept him in line.

The man is in his 30's.
Why should anyone over the age of 6 need to be kept in line?

not sure we even need Dwight.

Implement a properly structured defensive system and guys like Turenne, Collins, Means (and only 22), and Webb will flourish.
Thomas is decent (not great) but decent.
and Beswick and Rwabukamba may turn out to be productive alternate NI's with a disciplined scheme.

Shivers is mistake prone and may need to be released though...
And not sure if Barker will return to the lineup this coming season, if ever.

All non mitigating factors aside, we have the makings of a great secondary if healthy and cohesive for most of the season.

Don't forget Ryan Hinds who may become the best of the bunch. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Hinds already is the best of the bunch, IMO.

Towards the end of the season we had the right bodies to have a very good secondary, unfortunately injuries plagued us.

Here's who I would keep:


The rest should be released. Dwight Anderson is a good player but I'm not sure if his disruptive nature is a positive in the locker room.

I agree that hes already the best of the bunch and thats what scares me. Hinds is good but I wouldn't call him a star or even a #1 guy, he could become that but right now imo he isn't.

I'm not sure about that. In the couple of games I saw of Turenne this guy had an incredible presence in the backfield. He shadowed the receivers and most importantly made a play. Great tackling skills too.

Oh I think Turenne can be a stud back, he looked great in his limited action last year but it was really limited and he finished the year on the injured list so im not sure if that will affect anything.