Dwight Anderson....

Since when have the Alouettes gotten so much talk of being a dirty team. Last week was the eye poking on Dressler. Now he is being accused of spitting on fans. He has denied both incidents, but still was this a mistake after all? First 3 weeks of the season I loved the guy, now im hating him everyday!

Unfortunately, Mike, this is Anderson's rep following him; he has been known for cheap shots on occasion. He has also cost the Als penalties in key situations.

I like moxy in a player; I also like a player to play aggressively. Unfortunately, a "mouthy" player is going to provoke situations that can hurt you; one who takes a cheap shot is going to cost you field position. The last two Als' games were close ones; these are games where you cannot afford to give up strategic yardage. The O cannot always be counted on to score 40+ points a game. In some games, it's the D that has to come up big and kill drives.

Trestman & co are going to have to keep an eye on this, and, if necessary, deal with him. He was brought to Montreal to beef things up in the D backfield, and I think that overall he is doing that, but Anderson is Anderson...

Let us wait before passing judgement on this "spitgate" incident. Hamilton has the most aggressive, borderline dangerous fans in the CFL. I would not be surprised if Anderson retaliated after being spit on himself, by the fans. Let's wait until all the facts come out before we condemn the guy.

Just a case of 'give a dog a bad name.' Anderson is an easy target. At this point, anyone could accuse him of anything and the media would take it as fact.


#Ticats president Scott Mitchell on l'affaire de loogie. #Alouettes #CFL
I've been out of pocket for a day or so and should have got this up yesterday but, well, family time is family time.

Anyway, here's a statement from Ticat president Scott Mitchell on the l'affaire de loogie in response to my initial blog post.

"We have not filed a formal complaint, we have simply let the league know that there has been a security report that alleges Dwight Anderson spit on a fan (or fans). We have a responsibility to the fans when a report like this is filed and will work with the league to investigate it. At this point, we are not "alleging" that Anderson spit on anybody, just passing along information from the stadium and Ticats security staff."
Though I'm not eager to parse words with El Presidente, I'll just say this: if the Ticats didn't think it the report had merit, I highly doubt they'd be passing it on to the league.
In addition, Anderson is a Cancer, he was a cancer in Hamilton, Calgary and now Montreal !


From reports I've heard
Riders kicker Eddie Johnson "flipped off" fans after they started riding him pretty hard
Calling him "soccer player" and more after a dubious roughing the kicker penalty
Montreal fans are certainly not the most aggressive in the league
But they obviously got under his skin
Nothing came of it as far as I know

Whatever provoked Anderson into "launching a loogie"
We'll probably never know
assuming it happened at all
But unfortunately Anderson has become a target
Both for officials and the taunting of fans

If Trestman and the Alouettes can convince DA to stick to football
I'm sure the Als will have a great DB for years to come
Time for the coaches to step up and take control of the situation

Yeah that's why Obilovich tried to sign him to a six figure contract this spring. There is 3 more games to play Hamilton this year... We'll see.

Quote". Yeah that's why Obilovich tried to sign him to a six figure contract this spring. There is 3 more games to play Hamilton this year... We'll see.

We certainly will !!!! I cant wait !! :rockin:

Agreed, Senior. DA has all the talent required, but, unfortunately, his rep follows him wherever he goes. For whatever reasons, other teams let him go. According to an old proverb: Where there's smoke, there's fire. While we may not know all the circumstances of his release from other teams, there are likely very good and compelling reasons he was; otherwise, he'd still be with those teams - right? The problem with a reputation is that there is at least some element of truth to it, and once a person has been "labelled", it is difficult to live it down.

DA has done some good things for us, but has also cost us some penalties. In a game where the Als are leading by 30 points, such penalties won't hurt that much. In close games, however, that will cost us field position and maybe even the game. I would hate to see us lose a close game because of a stupid penalty.

So, I like his moxy but I think, like you, that Trestman and Tibesar will have to train him well and let him play aggressive but intelligent football.

DA was never "released".

In Herb's article about the "magic loogie" incident
He makes a pretty convincing case:

According to the Hamilton Spectator, security personnel at the stadium witnessed Anderson spitting at Ticats supporters who were standing above the entrance to the Als’ dressing room. This, it should be noted, would have defied most basic rules of gravity. While the stands at Ivor Wynne are notoriously close to the field, they’re at least 20 feet, if not more, above the playing surface in the end zone, where the visitor’s dressing rooms are located.
It should be noted that the claims are not that Anderson attempted to spit at Ticats supporters But that he actually accomplished this Herculean spew
We have not filed a formal complaint. We have simply let the league know that there has been a security report that alleges Dwight Anderson spit on a fan (or fans).
While some might accuse Anderson of acting the clown He certainly exceeded even the wildest expectorations With those lungs...he'd be a natural at blowing up balloon animals

All kidding aside
It seems pretty obvious that the trash talking and bad blood
Wasn't limited to the players on the field